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Anatomy 4D

| September 23, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Anatomy 4D

Through this free app and a simple printed image, Anatomy 4D transports students, teachers, medical professionals, and anyone who wants to learn about the body, into an interactive 4D experience of human anatomy. Visually stunning and completely interactive.

A journey inside the human body and heart, revealing our organs, skeleton, muscles, and body systems.

To get started, email, print, or save any set of target images from the “Target Library” inside the app from the main menu. A body of knowledge.

Goodleigh C of E Primary, Nr Barnstaple, Devon ~ Day 2

| September 23, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Goodleigh Primary

GoodleighDay Two and what a delightful day of lessons with Goodleigh C of E Primary School  pupils, their teachers and visiting colleagues from across North Devon.

We had the pleasure of working with all Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Goodleigh pupils. The day started with the Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, where they shared their ideas with confidence and skill as we explored a virtual world in Myst IV:Revelation.

This was followed by the Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, in the afternoon, where there were further opportunities to develop speaking, listening and writing skills, this time in Myst III:Exile’s landscape Edanna, with plant and bird experts.

All of these young individuals are a credit to themselves and their teachers. THANK YOU!

Goodleigh School is set in some remarkable countryside: even the cows come to the windows whenever the children sing! We could have done today’s writing, and talking, activities (which we did in some remarkable virtual worlds) using the real environment around us ~ we could certainly apply what happened in the digital domains, out in the real world.

Goodleigh Primary

Interactive History of The Evolution of the Web

| September 22, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Interactive Evolution of the Web

The colour bands, in this visualization, The Evolution of The Web, work in multiple languages & represent the interaction between web technologies & browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps we use daily.

The web is a growing universe of interlinked pages and apps, teeming with videos, photos, and interactive content. What the average user doesn’t see is the interplay of web technologies and browsers that makes all this possible.

Goodleigh C of E Primary, Nr Barnstaple, Devon ~ Day 1

| September 22, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Goodleigh Primary School

GoodleighAn INSET Day at Goodleigh C of E Primary School, Goodleigh, Barnstaple, the first of our two days working alongside the staff, and children, from across the school and neighbouring schools: Pathfield School, Shirwell Community Primary, Georgeham C of E Primary, Holywell C of England Primary, Ashleigh C of E Primary, St Helens C of E Primary Abbotstown, Pilton Infants, Bratton Fleming Community Prinary, West Down School, Ilfracombe Infants and Orchard Vale Community Primary.

Today, we got all digital, with the staff, with stunning views all around us.

We discussed how to integrate literature, texts and other media into the whole visual literacy field as a whole, and in to the use of games as a stimulus in particular. Links with the Hobbit and his home and how this relates to some of the doors we encounter in the Myst games, is one unit of work many people have been developing and sharing. Links with other texts are also possible, as is analysis of the texts within the games. Myst III has a few volumes of text that become available to you as you play. These are great to pick apart, emulate and mimic.

Myst IV also includes the opportunity of writing a journal on screen alongside “Snap shots” that you have taken during your travels.

Today, we discussed how useful a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard can be during lessons. Pass a keyboard round and encourage students to add to a text that you are generating, “LIVE” into the on screen journal. Develop, change, improve and adapt the text and then the finished result is available at any time to read again.

Thanks to Kate Grant, for sharing these thoughts:

Kate GrantGoodleigh C of E Primary is a small school in Barnstaple, North Devon, at the heart of the village of Goodleigh. We are a popular school and attract pupils from the village, but also a significant number of families travel from further afield. We love finding new ways to engage the children, and technology is moving so fast we want to move with it. Children come to school being able to use computers and handheld devices and we feel it is important that our teachers are able to use technology  in order to equip our children with the skills needed to make choices in their learning.

My view of technology changed when I heard Tim talking about using technology to communicate. I had just set up a class blog, inspired by David @deputymitchell Mitchell, in order to complement our creative, topic based curriculum. I have used some of Tim’s ideas with my own class, and this has added a further dimension to engagement across the curriculum, giving me confidence to use technology to underpin learning as, and when, appropriate.


| September 19, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

futuremelogoA while back, it was surprising, and slightly spooky, to receive an email from Tim, …sent a year before.

It read simply “Hi there Tim. It works“!

Back To The Future may be a favourite films but, what the hoverboard, is this now?!

Visit FutureMe and work out the rest and how you could use it to remind yourself of events ahead, or in a creative way in lessons. We’ve road tested it (Took a year folks!) and have set up 2 more already. Wonder if we will still have the same email address in 2019? A message of encouragement from a past self might be just what is needed.

Coleshill C of E Primary, Coleshill ~ Day 2

| September 19, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Coleshill C of E Primary

Coleshill C of E Primary Following yesterday’s day with the children, today an INSET Day at Coleshill C of E Primary.

Thank you again to Andy Kershaw, head teacher, for sharing these thoughts:

The main reason for inviting Tim to Coleshill C of E Primary School was the fact that my daughter and daughter-in-law, who are both teachers, had attended one of Tim’s courses. They had spoken about how inspirational and motivational the courses had been.   They enthused about staff being empowered by the course to have a different perspective on the practical and the creative use of IT and media in education.

Coleshill C of E Primary School is continually striving to actively engage our pupils in an exciting and dynamic way which is relevant to the 21st Century. We believe that Tim will be able to inspire our staff in a fun and meaningful way.


| September 18, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

App Shed teachersAppshedApp shed allows teachers, or learners, to create free, online, apps, that can be accessed by mobile devices or online browsers

APP SHED  2It is very straight forward to use and has the potential to allow learners to become ‘creators of technology, not just consumers’.

The free student account offers: 1 user, 50MB storage, Unlimited App Downloads, Public/private apps, and is Ad-free.

Worth investigating before deciding whether to dig deeper maybe?

PawsExplore ~ eSafety

| September 18, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

PawsExplorePawsexplore is a website which provides up to date e-safety information. Although there aren’t a wealth of resources, as ICT co-ordinator I have found the visual ideas a great starting point to generate our own school ideas for e-safety.

For example, we will be creating a competition for our children to create their own monitor displays for the dos and the don’ts of e-safety.

The only issue that some schools have faced is that the site may be blocked
because of the word created by the end of paws and the beginning of explore. :-)

Very useful in terms of creating a foundation for e-safety (and also helping towards our e-safety award evidence!)

Tiffany Thorpe, Coleshill Primary

Coleshill C of E Primary, Coleshill ~ Day 1

| September 18, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

Coleshill C of E Primary

Coleshill C of E PrimaryOur first of two days at Coleshill C of E Primary, Coleshill. Today, we took off on two explorations of digital worlds, one with upper Key Stage 2 children, and a brave excursion with Year 2 travellers ~ Superb analog responses to remarkable digital stimuli.

After a good deal of discussion, the children wrote spontaneously, producing work of a high quality full of vivid imagery. They were also encouraged to refine their spoken language & clarify their ideas. Despite the length of the session, they remained on task and enthusiastic throughout.

Thank you to Andy Kershaw, head teacher, and motivator, for sharing his reflections:

Andrew KershawThe interaction between the “presenter” and the “audience” is crucial. Tim was able to engage all of the children, and adults. within seconds of meeting, by creating an intriguing, and exciting, atmosphere.

The richness of the stimulus used (a virtual landscape), was full of visual delights, and sounds, which immersed the children and stimulated them to use their imagination.

Through his charismatic personality, Tim enabled all pupils to feel individually engaged with his ideas. The children, who were sat in groups, were so encouraged, they spoke, listened, and participated fully. They enjoyed his almost electric presence in the room. They were able, and keen, to usethe skills, which Tim had spoken about, to enhance their descriptive sentences and extend their understanding, and use, of this remarkable literacy.

Thank you, too, to Felicity Blundell, Year Six teacher, for her thoughts:

The experience of being able to interact with the program, from the point of view of “being one of the children”has been invaluable. It has enabled me to be part of their discussion, see their enthusiasm and share the high quality of writing based upon it. I can really see the potential of this, in my class room.


| September 17, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 


Help your students improve their grammar and writing skills with NoRedInk

The site is “currently free for everyone – teachers, students, parents, tutors, school administrators, and all who want to improve their grammar!”

Turn Off The Lights with Chrome

| September 16, 2014 | Add Your Thoughts 

TOTLWe have mentioned a couple of great ways of watching YouTube, and other, film sites, free from distractions.

Here’s another: the Google Chrome gem “Turn Off The Lights”, means that with one click on the lamp button, the entire page will fade to dark, (with many adjustable options) so you can watch the video as if you were in the cinema. Click again, the page will return back as normal.