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In fact, this a page where you can read some examples of work I have been sent recently.
If you would like to see your own examples here, I would love to add them to the gallery. Send them via tim@timrylands.com
I look forward to reading even more, like the gems below from
Oxford School, Muenster, Germany

Tomahna was left empty as if to die alone. The wind howling, the rocks eroded from many years of rain. A falcon ready to snatch its prey from the ground. From the silk-blue sky shone the rays of the sun through the intricate stained glass. (J.S.)

As I looked out into the lifeless landscape I saw a bird circling ahead; it’s blue eyes narrowed as if it had seen something scurry along. Its black long feathers gave off the faintest smell. “Breathtaking isn’t it?” said a voice that seemed to come from nowhere. Suddenly I spun round and saw a door. Each and everything was carefully engraved. (L.D.)

The lantern-lit bridge of green envy hung motionless above the icy waters. The door creaked as it swung open easily. Before me sat a lever, old and rusted, where many hands had touched. The next door was harder to open and made a spine-tingling screech like nails on a blackboard. (C.C.)

Scattered pebbles crumbled beneath my feet while the gentle lapping of the water soothed me. To my left, a glass house stood at the foot of a lantern-lit bridge; beautifully carved with patterns that seemed to twist the imagination in and out. A calm breeze fell over this strange land. As terrifying as it was, I kept going. (C.L.)

The music sounded far away from an unknown place. The bridge was made from neatly formed stained glass plates for each step. The sand was rippled by heavy winds. The door looked like thousands of weeds had carved its beauty. (D.M.)

I listened closely to hear the splashes of water spreading over the rocky sand. I walked over to the sea’s edge and I came to a golden bridge. Each part of the floor was shaped like a candy wrapper. As I stepped on to the unsteady bridge danger increased with every step I took. (J.L.)

The silky sand was covered in ripples curving in all directions. Smooth rocks surrounded me and tiny pebbles were encrusted and looked as if they had been lying there for generations. I could hear the murky waters ebbing with the strong breeze. The clouds looked heavily laden and the dim light was just breaking through. (M.E.)

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