2007!! What happened to 2006?! In this blog’s case… literally!

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The case of the disappearing blog!

Was 2006 just a dream? A blog down the drain. Due to some technical hoolamagoolas it appears that 2007 is going to be a fresh start. Hey ho. Here goes.

This year started out with a great event in Huntingdon, the Huntsnet Professional Training day: Literacy group. It was a great pleasure to contribute to such a well planned and smoothly organised day. We had a fun filled, post festive frolic beginning with a Rylands waffle and then into four sessions, through the day, on different aspects of creativity to inspire literacy.

I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to share the day with Joe (even if his name was erroniously speltt on the hann doubts as Joe Spaghetti)

Joe lead some workshops on using GarageBand to create podcasts. A big challenge in an hour but Joe managed to motivate each group in his usual humorous style. Mini masterpieces created all-round. I heard big guffaws of laughter even over the glorious cacophony we created in my session, which we ended by composing sound tracks to film of another roller-coaster ride.
It is always good to spend the day with people who are up for a challenge and the Thongsley Field group were no first-day-back slackers. The day ended with a mini cinema of some of their animated gems of cinematography and mind-mapping how they could use some of the ideas from the day back at the chalk-face-reality of school term 3.

Congratulations to Rebecca, and all those involved behind the scenes, for a successful and enjoyable day.

Now it is down to BETT preparations.I am looking forward to my presentations again this year, and also, to the opportunity to meet faces old and new.

As in the past, I really hope to add a “link-per-blog” this year, to some of the oddities of the web that spring up. I get a lot of response from these but, in truth, only add them for my own entertainment…

Although it has been around for a couple of months now, I still enjoy having a fly in “Goggles”, the “mod” of Google Earth. In my TimesEd review of Google Earth itself I ended with “…and I think to myself what a wonderful world!” In Goggles case I think to myself “what a clever chap!” I’m not sure if I “approve” of the ability to take potshots at locations but, it is great to fly Biggles-like in a bi-plane over London or, even, the Moon!

Safe flying folks!

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