BETT Blitz 3

| January 16, 2007 | 1 Comment 

I admit that it is now Tuesday, the week after BETT finished, …and so am I ! !
BETT is an enervating experience but so energising at the same time.

Saturday’s presentation went very well indeed. It was fully booked, with people standing all around the room so, apologies to those of you who didn’t manage to get a seat! It was really encouraging to get so much feedback after the event and to see the website “hits” go through the roof.

There is a definite positive feel about technology in education at the moment. That move from black and white to colour that we talked of, continues apace.

I experimented with a Gyro Mouse, very kindly sourced by Marc Keable, of Classroom ICT. A Giro Mouse enables you to navigate through a presentation or website and move the mouse pointer without having to place your hand on a surface. Takes a bit of getting used to I have to say, but I think there is a vast amount of opportunity to use one creatively with children. For example, in a virtual landscape experience, a giro mouse would enable you to navigate and “walk” whilst standing in front of the screen. I look forward to trying new ideas soon.

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  1. Sue Clamp says:

    I’ve been using a Gyro mouse for quite a long time now and find it a liberating tool. I can teach from anywhere in the classroom (even next to the naughty boys at the back :-)) and pass it round for children to use at their tables.

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