Now THAT was fun!

| January 18, 2007 | 1 Comment 

I always enjoy days where I get invited to a school to do a series of demo lessons with colleagues observing. It is an enjoyable challenge to detect the needs of a group of children and stretch their expectations of themselves. Today, at Longleaze school in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, that challenge was made even more fun by a delightful set of children and an equally delightful set of teachers. It has been my pleasure to travel around this country and meet a huge range of people. I am constantly surprised by the humour and imagination of children and the creativity and dedication of colleagues in all areas. Today, again, I saw nothing but SMILES! Thank-you.

I even picked up a new word thanks to “R” in one of the classes. I am going to nick it as a piece of “creative plagiarism” if that’s O.K. with you “R”

When we were discussing descriptive phrases, I asked what it was called when you compare one thing to another e.g. “the gravel path is like an apple crumble” A forest of hands went up and the word “Simile” was confidently offered. “O.K. What about when you say that the gravel path IS an apple crumble? In other words that it IS rather than is like. (if anybody emails to correct my description of these two devices, please remember it has been a long week. 🙂 ) “R” put his hand up, enthusiastically, and said “I don’t know the word, but how about a SAME-ely?!” Delicious, and something I will quote for years to come I am sure.

The afternoon session, with two classes of year five and six, wasn’t even thrown by the school’s projector going blank half way through. “In my writing I’m going to “close my eyes” for a moment because the scenery is “all too much” Mr Rylands.

Thank you to Rachel, for organising a tremendous day, and to all those that kept me supplied with toast throughout the day! The expression that I picked up from the team in Huntingdon applied today too. “No wangy toast here!”

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  1. Chris Riley TA says:

    Hi Tim. What fab afternoon we all had. I particularly enjoyed working with the children in the hall. It was truly inspirational. As I have done both FLS and ALS with children in our school, it is always worthwhile to have an “extension” for writing, and this is one fantastic way of doing just that! Boys in particular find recording their thoughts difficult, not so today. The boys came into their own. Superb writing and interaction!! Thank you so much.

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