There’s no business like snow business!

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Wednesday this week started out looking like it could have been a challenging day.
It turned out to be a real delight.

I arrived at Northend Primary, in Bexley, in the middle of a snowblast. I plugged my laptop in and …nothing but buzz. The first class I was due to teach came into the room understandably buzzing as well, because of the scenery outsidesnowflake-1.jpg and the snowballs they had evidently thrown at each other.

I breathed in and started the game. A soggy round of “We’ve been here” rang out. Anything else to go wrong I wondered.

That was it though. The rest of the day was, as I say, an absolutely cracking day. They were hooked. It is really energizing to find that children of all abilities respond magically to these simple ideas. The last class I visited had had maths, literacy, science and been swimming… and then a bald bloke with a walking stick arrives and starts playing computer games and getting them to write extended descriptive narrative! They were still up for it. Believe it or not they had a bucket of snow from the morning that had not melted.

Things like snow, water, heat… make a powerful sensory stimulus for children who find it difficult to express themselves when we are exploring the visually rich MrRylandsIslands as somebody, wonderfully, called it today. Paper towels were another sensory way of representing leaves in one of the locations we visited. I had a great day working with four classes and then had an after schooloct30a_a_sm.jpg session with the staff. I realise that it is these practical times with children (and staff observing the lessons) that I enjoy the most. Ideas just snowball!

I had a longer drive than I had anticipated to get a replacement laptop, but it was well worth it. Thanks to all those at Northend for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Any of my minor technical problems were nothing compared to those of “Website Clive” in Normandy. He awoke to discover his whole hard drive had imploded. Thankfully, he has been a diligent chap with his back ups but the speed that he works on websites meant that, even then, he has lost a lot of data and hours of work. A salutary prompt to us all, me included. They too had a snowfall, so Clive appears to have worked off some of his frustration with a romp with Basil, the Les Rouges Terres snow-hound.


Today’s link is an appropriately snowy one: Make your own, virtual snowflake.

Let us snow how you get on!

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