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When I was at school, I used to have the day dream (I am sure everbody used to have it… didn’t they?!) that I was the Six Million Dollar Man. (Oh go on…be honest! Who hasn’t secretly done “in-head commentaries” as they puff their way breathlessly around a school playing field in an ill-fitting M&S tracksuit… or was that just me?!) Well, it was with flashbacks (and that’s not nylon against dralon sparks!) to those glorious pseudo-athletic days that I navigated my way around the impressive Loughborough University complex to find the venue for the ICT Register Showcase. (“Here comes the small but perfectly formed, neat yet not gaudy and only slightly balding athlete, Rylands, representing England at the Witter Olympics!) What a remarkable establishment.

I was also reminded of my trip to Cyan (the minds behind the Myst games) and their offices in Spokane, last August. There, the front entrance has been “ripped away” from the main building and placed the other side of a small bridge. At the venue yesterday, we entered via a long drawbridge across a lake. Very Myst-like.

I enjoyed meeting up with Sian Bloor, a student teacher who is investigating the power of computer games in the classroom. It always a pleasure to talk to people with a passion for their subject and Sian is one of those. A perceptive and enthusiastic soul, who will make a very valuable member of the teaching profession. I wish her luck in her studies.

picture-3.pngAnother great find was the folk on the Mathletics stand. Shane, Alice and the rest of the team showed me my first looks at, what seems to be an impressive, web-based environment for motivating children’s maths skills. I am keen to find out more.

My presentation was slightly marred by the venue’s sound system being almost as mute as the swans on the lake outside. I would like to thank the audience for a warm and generous response. Thank you to all those at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and the ICT Register for inviting me to speak at a great event. It was a delight to meet up with them all beforehand too.

I have been fortunate enough to do some work with Scott Wilson, and the staff of the Bristol Sensory Support Service, on finding ways of using the visual literacy ideas, and the audio from the games etc, with the children they work alongside. It is something I am being asked to become involved in more often now as people are aware of the huge potential these simple ideas have for motivating all children.

Today’s link is to a really useful page on the RNID website, which is their Fingerspelling Tool. With it you can learn how to finger spell letters, words or indeed whole sentences that you type in to a text box.

To follow the link, just feel how warm my hands are after attempting to sign through this post!

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