Bexley Bashers!

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Another good trip back to Bexley today and a training day with Barrington Primary school, joined by colleagues from nearby Orchard school. I was impressed that so many governors also joined the day and contributed with perceptive enthusiasm.

We had a day of exploring and spent a while trying to work out what the little rabbit-like creature, which we encountered behind the “Tiffany granny flat”, was doing. All about interdependence and adaptation.

The composition challenge that ended the day was …um…loud! 🙂

I have never heard so much volume and oomph before.

Well done Claire for trying to organise, what turned out to be, a heavy metal band! Barrington Pheloung (look him up) we definitely were not. However, humour and full-on gusto were the mark of this composition. “Less is more” went out of the window… but we had a good laugh!

Atrus even popped in to complain about the noise!

Thank you to Jacqui and her colleagues for a fun day.A day that was only matched by… the next day.

I had a great second day with the children of Barrington school. They showed that they, too, have a great sense of humour and are “up for a challenge” I look forward to a return trip someday.

“Nigh Swan!”

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