Brunei II: A Change of Plans

| February 15, 2007 | 0 Comments 

I originally flew out to Asia to present at a conference in Vietnam. Sadly, it now looks unlikely that I will be getting to Ho Chi Minh City as planned. I have been looking forward to this opportunity for quite a while now and hope that I will get the chance at another date to holler those immortal words “Good Morning…!!!”

However, when they found out I was going to be out this way, I have been invited by the services schools to spend some time at Hornbill school in Brunei. Hornbill is a unique and exciting place. It has a high percentage of E.A.L children (English as an additional language) as it serves the local deployment of the Ghurka regiment. It is also carrying out some major changes to its curriculum and emphasising creativity and exploration. So a Rylands (“creativity is me middle name… well …actually it’s Tarquin-Montgomery-Blythe”) as happy as Larry (and Larry’s ecstatic)

After watching the local bomba (fireservice) letting some of the children hose down a car or two, I had a fun wander through the ages of Tomahnna with a year 5 class. After an initial few looks of “woss-goin-on-ere” they took to it really well and responded with some excellent use of descriptive language and got into simile and metaphor (or matadore as one said to me on the way out)

Wish I had brought the old jallopy over as it would have been sparkling after this lot got their hands on it!


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