Brunei III: A Trip to the beach!

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I have been fortunate to work with many nationalities during my teaching career. I didn’t think that, when visiting South East Asia, I would end up working with, mainly, Nepalese children though. The children at Hornbill school are from the families of the Ghurka regiment based here on Borneo island. It would be hard to find a more smiling, humorous and imaginative group of children.

I have been doing some demo lessons observed by staff at the school. Today started off with a unique little lesson with a class of year 1 children. I took them to a beach in Myst III:Exile. To enhance the atmosphere, we ended up running our hands through sand and sensing the spray from the virtual waves by using droplets of water from a bucket. (It got wetter as we got more enthusiastic too!) The clouds became “as soft as a rabbit’s tail” with a play-corner bunny hopping to get in on the act.





  …A wild, wet…

and woolly time was had by all !

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