Brunei V: Total concentration

| February 15, 2007 | 1 Comment 

Total concentration!

I am glad to say that it still surprises me just how quiet and totally “on-task” a class can be when writing about their experiences during one of our “walks”

The room is filled with nothing but the sound of fervent scribbling.

That and the subtle and entirely believable soundtrack from the game itself.

The landscapes we have been using are so immersive, so captivating, that even the staff are up for the challenge of “becoming one of the characters.” In this case, it was enchanting and entirely believable to watch as Sujata, one of the Nepalese Specialist Teachers, “sat on the warm stone bench in a greenhouse dripping with silky leaves.”

The children were also up for doing a bit of verbal jazz and more than a few took on the role of “keeper of the greenery”

“Who lives in a house like this? Let’s go …through the keyhole.”

Enough to inspire deep thought…

…an impressive “balance of Quality and Quantity”…

..and quite a lot who surprise themselves with their own mini-masterpieces!

Well done to ALL of the children who tackle these challenges, pick up words and juggle with them… and then let them fly…

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  1. Han says:

    You did it again Rylands!!! You inspired them all, kids & teachers and I’m not surprised, cause that’s what you’re good at my friend!! Lovely pictures and great story….wonder what’s next! Hx

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