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| March 14, 2007 | 2 Comments 

Presented at the Service Children’s Education conference in Hamm, Germany, today. This is a really well run and interesting conference, with forces school staff from all over Germany, England, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Brunei and beyond. I had the challenge of opening the conference with a two and a half hour session! I know I had fun!

I was also lucky to sit in on a couple of interesting and informative sessions. I was particularly impressed by the presentation by Wendy Collins and Fiona Aubrey-Smith, from Ranvilles Infant school in Fareham. They are using a VLE to enhance the curriculum, but, originally, have started their approach based on children exploring the potential rather than mainly focussing on their staff’s use. I was impressed that Fiona, only in her third year of teaching, presented (and answered challenging questions) in an assured and informed way whilst always having a smile on her face. She portrayed a clear understanding of the impact their innovative approaches have on the achievement of children.

I am near R.A.F. Lyneham tomorrow. Shame we couldn’t have sorted out a direct flight between the two. 🙂

Hi Tim, 

I’d like to say a very BIG thank you, on behalf of us all, for your input at our conference last week. According to the evaluations, you offered us the perfect start for the two days and folk from the Falklands and Cyprus commented that your session alone was worth every hour of the journey. Everybody there was clearly inspired by your work and creativity and, as you know, it’s the greatest teacher who inspires! 

Myst3 did eventually arrive and has been sent to the folk who were at Hamm, so no doubt we’ll see some of the fruits of your labour when we visit schools. One teacher, who was only able to be at the conference on the Wednesday, got the ball rolling on the Thursday with the class he was teaching! 

Sorry to learn from your blog that the journey home was less than smooth and straightforward but glad to see you at least made some new friends to share the frustration! 

No doubt we’ll be in touch again Tim and we’ll look forward to working with you again. 

Very best wishes, 


You are welcome. You and your colleagues run a fine conference sir!

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  1. Gary Margerison says:

    What a great start to our conference. I have had the following comments from a teacher who has tried out some of the ideas Tim developed during the session…

    ‘ a copy of Myst back to schoolyesterday. We used it via a laptop with a Year 4 class today and was somewhat gobsmacked by the amount of writing we had to mark tonight!!!!!!! One boy with real difficulties wrote a page of writing – he normally writes about 4 lines!!! ‘

  2. Tony Chester says:

    Thanks Tim for a great day at the conference , being an old cycnic it takes a bit of something extra to get me buzzing nowadays , I have notstopped trying to play the game since I got my copy and when ( IF) iI get far enough in not to be left for dead by the techies in Y6 I will be trying out some ideas in school..

    Sorry to hear about your travel troubles , thats life out here …. it could have been worse
    staff have been known to find their bags ending up in Bankok after passing through Holland.

    Tony C

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