Cornwall: UPton Cross. (sic)

| March 21, 2007 | 1 Comment 

Now that I have the internet again, I have the pleasure of telling you about the last couple of days. What fun!

I have been made to feel very welcome at Upton Cross primary school

The staff, and the visitors who came to join our lessons, are an imaginative and creative group, and they took to the ideas for developing literacy, and other elements, with great enthusiasm.

Wednesday was a memorable day of exploration. When I was pretending I was thinking of a way to remember where we were visiting in one of the computer games, “E” in class 2 (R, Y1 and Y2) amazed me, and all those present by saying “Well, better than any photograph, why don’t we write about it?! That way, it will really stay in our minds because we will have thought about it carefully.” What perceptive thought.

Another young traveller sat, and transported all of us, to a world of warmth, sea spray and “strings of sea-weed wrapped around my legs, warm and…oooh… lovely actually.”

In fact all of the classes, through to Years 5 and 6, showed themselves to be used to, and capable of, some philosophical and questioning thought. Their use of descriptive imagary developed rapidly through the time we were together, and they kept up impressively with the challenging pace that developed in the lessons.

I have been really reminded of the warm and motivating atmosphere of Chew Magna school, home for the last 6 years. The school is a similar size and full of equally supportive and encouraging colleagues.

It is always special to find schools up for creativity and challenges, who also smile. 🙂

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  1. Beverley Etherington says:

    Tim – I just wanted to thank you for baldly going into the infrequently explored wilds of Upton Cross, nestled as we are on the inhospitable nomansland at the edge of Bodmin Moor, to bring your magic to both staff and pupils. ICT to inspire? Well that is only one of your skills and qualities that inspired us and I think ICT should be exchanged for ‘everything’, as the depth of your inspiration was only equalled by its breadth. A great couple of days where pace and purpose were explored critically and were found to be (in the words of Goldilocks) just right.
    Thanks again – til we meet again!

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