Cornwall: Lights! Camera! Upton!

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school_exterior_med.JPGUpton Cross again, and, Years 5 and 6 are a lucky lot.

“Mrs E”, their teacher is an imaginative, spirited soul with a great sense of humour.

As do all her colleagues.

We had a superbly creative, fun day today developing the ideas for some short films with a powerful message. I often find that the most effective way of motivating involvement in a lesson is generating a sense of ownership and enthusiasm for a subject. The theme of “Teamwork” seemed to spring naturally from our opening discussions. Some excellent thought about when teams might be needed/ beneficial; the qualities of a team member; and the features of a good team. It didn’t take much to spark a conversation about the conflicts that might arise, but, more importantly, how the strengths of a group could be used to resolve them.

logo.gifWe didn’t even get on to the possibility of making a film until the idea was mentioned by “M” as the optimum way of getting our message across. There was still no access to the internet so I wasn’t able to show them some examples of public information films, from the National Archive, as planned.

It turned out to work well, as, when we looked at a couple of examples of “public information films” children have made with me in the past, the “Upton Cross film school crew” showed some good critical skills in analysing the way that those films had effectively portrayed their powerful messages in under 30 seconds. There lay the seeds of a “self generated” challenge building on “M”s idea.

“The Hat” chose some groups and we were off!

It may have to be a case of watch this space for the end results to be able to be broadcast on the “interweb” but it will be well worth the anticipation.

Thankyou indeed, to ALL of the staff at Upton Cross, and our visitors, for a memorable couple of days.

Tim – I just wanted to thank you for baldly going into the infrequently explored wilds of Upton Cross, nestled as we are on the inhospitable nomansland at the edge of Bodmin Moor, to bring your magic to both staff and pupils. ICT to inspire? Well that is only one of your skills and qualities that inspired us and I think ICT should be exchanged for ‘everything’, as the depth of your inspiration was only equalled by its breadth. A great couple of days where pace and purpose were explored critically and were found to be (in the words of Goldilocks) just right.
Thanks again – til we meet again!

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