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Another thoroughly enjoyable and fruitful day, this time at Pil Primary, Bridgend.
We started with a morning of exploring Revelation with Year 5, whilst 15 primary and secondary colleagues observed and, more importantly, mucked in! We had our own revelations as these children were really up for creative exploration.
(I was impressed with many aspects of  Pil Primary and feel that head, Ben Blackall, and his colleagues have a school to be proud of: from smiling, sparky children who hold doors open etc with genuine charm and write with great pride and imagination, to the open approach to the curriculum.

(Crumbs! Playing outside when it’s snowing!! 🙂 )

… all of these elements meant that the year 5s at Pil maintained superb concentration and imaginative effort for two consecutive lessons.

Our meeting with Yeesha showed that all of the children were capable of some excellent empathetic thought and writing.

I had great fun too!

My journey home was a bit too familiar! The last time I was in Wales, it took me over 5 hours to get home because of heavy snow. This time, the whole of the M4 was closed between two junctions. I moved 100 metres in 50 minutes on the M4 and then had to follow others on a huge, but scenic, detour around Bridgend. Typing on my BlackBerry was THE only thing to do apart from EyeSpy (and I kept guessing what I was thinking of!)

This journey did not detract from a VERY enjoyable day with Head, Ben Blackall and his colleagues, and also our colleagues from surrounding schools and those from Cynffig Comprehensive. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in the future on the ideas that were generated in the after school session.

Thank you all.

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