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I am lucky enough to visit lots of great schools during my travels. I am always impressed by the amount of care and imagination shown by staff in the way that they present the excellent work produced by the children of the school.

From the moment you enter Lyneham Junior school in Wiltshire, you are met with a huge welcoming wash of colour, original art work and imaginative displays. The entrance hall alone reminded me of an environment from one of the Myst games. There are some stylish stained glass windows awash with light.

Displays in all the classrooms showed a love for words, and a neat yet quirky style of presentation of content.

So too, did the children’s books.

It is always exciting to work with classes of children who are willing to pick words up and juggle with them.

Every class I am doing lessons with, take to this and explore the possibilities and magic that words and sentences contain.

I also love the humour that children generate in our lessons.

Mr Walker, my trusty companion, who I can always lean on for a bit of support, has been feeling a bit dodgy recently.

He had an argument with something heavier than him, and lost.

Nevertheless , he still makes a really good conversation starter.

I had some gloriously “silly ideas” (…”and I LOVE silly ideas”) These are springboards into our discussion of simile and metaphor, even with children in foundation stage.

I think that ideas such as: the holes in Mr Walker are really there “to help him to breath” show some imaginative and inventive thought…

When I picked one lads book up and pretended that I had written the superb prose it contained, I then placed the book, closed, back on his desk in order to read his name and give him the praise he deserved. It was a new book and his name wasn’t yet written on it. We all had a good laugh when we realised we were in the presence of greatness: the celebrated poet, author and songwriter “Anon” Someone even said “Are you still alive?! You’ve been writing superb stuff, like the bit Mr Rylands read out, …for years!”

Thank you to Karen and her colleagues for a fun visit to your colourful school.

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