Duxford – more than a flying visit!

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I spent a very enjoyable day today at Duxford Church of England Community Primary School, in Duxford, Cambridgeshire. They were hosting a joint training day with the Sawston Area cluster of schools.

Duxford school is set within the picturesque village of Duxford which is very close to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford This famous heritage site began as an airfield in the First World War and also played a vital role in the Second World War, first as an RAF fighter station and later as an American USAAF fighter base. (Its exhibits include one of the two British assembled pre-production Concordes, and the famous ‘Sally B’ B-17 Flying Fortress, star of the motion picture ‘Memphis Belle’.)

I am a great believer that what we are trying to do with children (and adults perhaps) is get them to FLY with ideas and ways of writing (or planning!)

And boy, did we “take off” today!

There were around 70 people from schools in the Sawston Area cluster. We had a fun hands-on exploration of the potential uses of one of the games in the Myst series. As there were so many of us, it was decided for folk to work within their year groups, but across all of the schools. Some excellent collaborative banter ensued.

It was a glorious day and perfect for sitting outside too…

In the afternoon session, there were a lot of original ideas for uses across many areas of the curriculum. Whilst outside, all 70 of us, we marvelled at a world where there could be August temperatures in April, cherry blossom …BUT trees without buds at the same time!

We even tackled a bit of composing. Quite a challenge with so many keen musicians playing at the same time. it would take a genius to control all of us! Into the Albert Hole strode a man up for the task. Duxford deputy, Neil, was rightly renamed Gustav for his excellent conducting.

I have to say that I have never seen, or heard, 70 folk create such a convincing sound track to what was a really complex visual stimulus.

Well done to “Gustav” and his orchestra!

A pictoral score of it might have looked “interesting” but it sounded superb.

“Duxford Symphony No.5” Gustav Harris 1732 – 2065

I think that, considering our proximity to Duxford, it might be appropriate to recap on one of my first links for 2007: the glorious “Goggles”

Although it has been around for a while now, I still enjoy having a fly in “Goggles”, the “mod” of Google Earth. In my TimesEd review of Google Earth itself I ended with “…and I think to myself what a wonderful world!” In Goggles case I think to myself “what a clever chap!” I’m not sure if I “approve” of the ability to take potshots at locations but, it is great to fly Biggles-like in a bi-plane over London or, even, the Moon!

Goggles LogoSafe flying folks!


Thankyou to Ann and the rest of the crew for a great flight!

Well done to all the staff from

Babraham C of E Primary

Duxford Primary 

Icknield Primary 

Stapleford Primary 

William Westley C of E Primary 

John Paxton Junior School 

John Falkner Infant School 

Great and Little Shelford CE (Aided) Primary School 

Thank you, too, to Janice for all your technical assistance.

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