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| April 27, 2007 | 1 Comment 

A really fun day with the ICT coordinators of Portsmouth today. It was a relief to actually make it as, last year, I had been unable to attend as I was stuck in Kuala Lumpur having been flown out of the centre of Borneo after an argument with a particularly ugly caterpillar!
This time, I was asked to give the opening keynote speech and then take a practical workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed both.
In the practical session, we had a brief exploration of the potential to expand children’s speaking and listening, writing and other areas of the creative curriculum, using visual stimuli. Well done all.

Through the day, we went from chroma key films and animation through to Virtual learning Environments.

Well done to Paul Heinrich for overcoming all the technical difficulties!
As Jessica in my class once, now famously, said:



M.ost problems





Nice one, eh?!

It was a great day to meet people, including Miles Berry, who I handed my Becta “crown” to in 2006. Miles is the learning platform king and has also landed himself the job as head of Alton school. A busy chap!

Thank you to Paul Heinrich and the rest of the Porstmouth team for organising a great day. I am already looking forward to my return trips.

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  1. Tricia Clark says:

    Hi Tim! LOVED your sessions at our Portsmouth ICT manager’s day! It really good to listen and learn from someone so inspiring and passionate about children and learning. It has made me rethink about how I can make my lessons more creative using ICT, and I am certainly go to try Myst 3:Exile with my class – I can’t wait to see their reactions! I know that they are going to be excited by it! Above all it was good to feel that our jobs are not all about those dreaded SATs, but about giving children the opportunity to express themselves and be proud of what they achieve. So a BIG thank you!! 🙂

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