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| April 30, 2007 | 1 Comment 

I enjoyed a return trip up to Leicester today and some sunny fun with the staff and children of Folville Junior school.

I was impressed, as ever, by the enthusiastic responses from the children. They threw themselves into the challenges and came up with some inventive, imaginative ideas.
One pair of lads even set themselves up as imaginary builders of the glass domed greenhouse owned by Catherine and Atrus.

“It took us three weeks to build. The stain glass panels came ready to bolt together. I tell you, it was hot work! If we ever got invited onto the house, we had to take our shoes off as it was SO posh!!”

Bennon Isle, Builders. (Est. 2007)


The whole of Folville school is full of such imagination and colour. Some superb displays all over the place, from classroom to corridors.

I have built up strong connections with Leicester City, after the innovative Leicester Boys Writing Project that was run over five days last year. They based their whole project on the Rylands-Islands ideas and I, too, learned a lot from the experience. Adelle Hull took a brave leap with the whole concept and it has been one that other authorities have taken ideas, and courage, from.

You can download a pdf of the project review here.

As for today… Well done to Rachel, and all of her colleagues at Folville.

That really WAS fun! Thank you.

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  1. Thomas Brown says:

    Dear Tim,

    Just to say it was a fantastic day i really enjoyed it the programme was great!
    What was the game called by the way?

    Thanks again, Tom

    P.S I was the one that sAID SO Mr Walker can breathe!!!

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