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A great day in Hawkwell House, Oxford, running an Improving Boys’ Writing Course for the Primary Strategy Team of Oxfordshire County Council.

I am finding that so many venues I am asked to present in now are perfect settings in terms of exploring the world of words. Hawkwell House is a lovely venue in elegant surroundings.

I have had some lovely e-mails over the last week, from heads and teachers of schools, thanking me for preparing their children for SATs!! Thank you. However, apart from the fact that I am allergic to the tests themselves I also believe that the less emphasis we as a school placed on preparing for SATs the better our scores got! I am a firm believer that it places an emphasis on quality teaching and learning through the whole year, rather than a stressful blast in the “run up weeks”, (for some, months!)

What they actually were refering to was the subject of the short writing task, a descriptive story opener about what lies beyond a mystery door. There should have been more than a few children and staff, who I have worked with, having a quiet, private chuckle as we often focus on the tension and mystery that the doors we encounter in the Myst games hold.

A fun day today, with more than few mysterious doors explored. Teachers from schools across Oxfordshire, who were up for a challenge. 🙂

(A few technical difficulties with the internetty-web connectivity doodahs so will upload on my return to “base”.)

Thanks to Nilofer, Anna and the literacy team, and all those involved in organising today’s event. Well done!

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