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Was honoured to be asked to give the opening keynote presentation at eLive!’07 today.

This superb event featured a dynamic range of seminars, keynotes, an exhibition area, learning spaces and much more. It was hosted at Murrayfield Stadium and buzzed with energy.

I had flown straight from yesterday’s event in Oxford but I did manage to get a quick look around Murrayfield before we started. I have had a year of stadiums and sporting venues so far, including the Charlton Athletic ground and Haydock Racecourse. It is always a good experience as you can almost hear the echo of the weekend crowds.

We had a couple of technical difficulties to begin with (That is the joy of proper, big-boys, professnial projectors – they don’t think and they get confused when you ask them to change screen resolutions!) but that didn’t stop us having a laugh. I had bought a poster for URU, which was signed by Rand Miller (the game’s creator) ready for a competition at the end of the presentation. However, a young lad in the audience who was there to take part in a demo activity later in the day, very astutely identified Rand as the mind behind the Myst series and, quite rightly, deserved to win the picture, for his observation alone.

I decided to have a laugh and try a live “Doors of Doom Challenge” even with such a large audience. Their particpation meant that we didn’t do too badly at all. 🙂 The Hat chose Linnea from the crowd and the “Oooohs” “Left” “The door in the middle” calls from the rest of the room successfully guided her through a far from linear experience (sorry about the bad pun there, Linnea.) The game is a simple use of PowerPoint, using hyperlinks between slides. I have some of my classmates to thank for providing us with a fun session.

I had a “Steve Jobs moment” and showed some of my children’s “iPod Scrubs.” As I stood in front of an enormous view of a video iPod, I felt a bit like Mr Jobs when he is doing his big “reveals” at the Mac events but I carefully avoided the temptation to go “Boom!” (Worth a quick look)

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet a few folks in a Forum session. So much of what I am doing fits so well with the Scottish education drive for creativity. (see Glowing in Aberdeenshire and the feedback there in the “Comments Filed section) Some really insightful questions opened up a fascinating discussion.

It was good to meet up with Joe (Moretti) and Oscar (Stringer) , two remarkable and wise gentlemen who offer encouraging support whenever it is necessary on the creative path.

I also managed to hook up with a couple of other gentlemen who I have had a lot of (digital) time for but it was even better to get to chat face to face.

Ewan McIntosh is a well known blogger who has become a hub for many aspects of web 2.0 creativity. Ewan even live-blogged my presentation, including the nightmare of the projector and my “vamp ’til ready” efforts. (Thank you Ewan for the photos used in this post.)

I enjoyed a chat with Derek Robertson and found his keynote on the use of games in literacy thought provoking and inspiring as he collected together many original elements, from Crazy Talk through to Mission Maker via a most amusing film of him as a Guitar Hero.

Thank you to Andrew Watt for the invitation up to eLive’07. I am looking forward to a couple more trips up to Scotland over the coming months and hope that they will be as much fun as I have had today. 🙂

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  1. marco says:

    I had the pleasure to attend this keynote and, honestly, it was incredible. Very inspiring, funny, creative. A huge discover in my teaching career. I am checking out your web page to find more resources and sort out all the information I tried to grasp this morning. And, yes, a Steve Job’s flavour could be smelt in the air (one more thing?? 😉 )

    It is not my teaching style, but it is one of the cleverest exhibition about how to use ICT in a classroom and I’m sure it will use and adapt your ideas.

  2. Mairi Scott says:

    Woow woo , is all I can say about this! Needless to say as soon as I left the Stadium I trawled along Princes St to buy the game and take into school the next day and showed it to anyone I could grab!!!!

    What a powerful, awe-inspiring, great way to improve literacy, thank you thank you!!!!


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