Eccleston Lane Ends, Write Club 7 and Becta bods

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It is a while since I have been for an interview. Today, though, reminded me of the final stages of the Becta award process that I experienced a couple of years ago. I am up in the North West to present at a conference tomorrow for Blackpool and Fylde College. Whilst here, I was asked if I would come and be a “witness” to the wonderful work being done by Write Club 7 based in St Helens. Write Club 7 have been shortlisted for a Becta ICT Excellence Award in the Extending Learning Opportunities category. I have been involved with the project over an extended period and am coming up again for a fortnight in October to work with all of the schools in the cluster, so I feel very happy to offer my support.

Whilst here at Eccleston Lane Ends I enjoyed the chance to work briefly with Years 3 and 6. What imaginations and vocabulary! The year 3s have been wandering in Exile to inspire their writing, but were also using it today to stimulate some art work on landscapes. One of them was bravely facing some of the challenging Becta questions, to showcase some of the excellent writing he has done whilst taking part in the Myst project.

Had a quick chat with Debs Ayerst, learning platforms consultant for St Helens LA, about the direction that the authority is taking in looking for a provider. Debs was another one of the witnesses to the innovation of the Write Club 7 project, focussing on the online collaboration.

It is a little surreal to find, again, that one simple lesson and idea has been picked up and developed by folks all over the place. I am also aware, though, how my own use of resources has developed too, since the ICT in Practice Award days. During my travels to share ideas for inspiring writing etc, I am also learning so much !!

Thank you to Margaret and Rachel for a fun, flying visit… and good luck with the award. You deserve it for your enthusiasm, innovation and, let’s face it, nuttiness!

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