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| June 5, 2007 | 3 Comments 

A fun visit to Hammond Primary School and Nursery in Hemel Hempstead. A creative crew who were ready with imaginative responses and up for an unusual challenge. I really enjoyed our exploration of the “virtual” worlds of words. These folk know how to laugh. All the staff, including TAs and chair of governors got fully immersed in their “travels” and did so with a great sense of humour.

Caroline was chosen (by The Hat) to tackle the “Doors of Doom” challenge. I must get one of the children to change the route through the doors, as I am becoming far too helpful to those who risk (digital) life and limb in the game. 🙂

encyclopedia dramatica

Thank you to Zoe, Emma, Gail and all their colleagues for organising a great day. I am sure we will stumble across each other again.

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  1. Andy Taylor says:

    Today was fantastic, it was by far the most inspiring literacy training i have encountered. I am really looking forward to using ‘Myst’ during literacy and seeing the children’s responses to this brilliant idea. It was a pleasure to meet you, thank you and good luck with the rest of your travels.

  2. blog says:

    Thankyou Andy.
    I have to say that I was impressed by the way that YOU were up for all the challenges, even making an interactvie resource AS I WAS EXPLAINING HOW TO DO IT!
    Well done and good luck with your trying things out. Tim

  3. Jess Fryer says:

    Thank you – yesterday’s training was BRILLIANT! You made tonnes of references to Foundation Stage, we’re usually totally missed out, so thanks. I’ll definitely use Myst with my little ones.

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