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A fun day of doing what I enjoy most: TEACHING. I taught three demo lessons using Myst III:Exile as a stimulus for discussion and writing in three classes at East Wickham Junior school in Welling, (which is a district in the London Borough of Bexley.)

The children of East Wickham Junior were ready with some really creative and interesting comments, ideas and thoughts which they transfered to paper with some style… and humour!

At the end of the day, joined by colleagues from the infants school, I led a staff meeting where we delved deeper into some of the visual literacy ideas and the other potential activities we have been developing.

When looking at digital film making, we discussed how invaluable the process itself is to developing team working. Skills such as discussion, critical thinking and analysis, refining… Above all though the planning stage creates many opportunities for a learning experience in its own right. There is a really simple description of how Pixar develop a film project here.

It is amazing how even a simple idea can be really effective

The movies do have there own odd rules don’t they?!

I have become intrigued by the idea of on screen pop up books after exploring Shoo Fly’s excellent The Three Little Cowboy Builders. Tom, (Moore) their innovative software designer has created a world first, in my mind. He has turned Ann Curtis’ imaginative twist on the original Three Little Pigs story into a fully interactive 3-D pop up book that children can read, navigate, print out and make for themselves. Typically for Shoo Fly, this resource includes cross-curricular teacher support and story creator software to engage the most reluctant of learners, promoting creativity whilst developing language and writing skills. Oh yes… and, as usual it is GREAT FUN!!

Here is another one for YOU to explore, this time on the theme of computer games and the internet. It is interactive and online, so watch out what pops up for you

Thank you to Susan Jefferies, and all her colleagues at East Wickham Junior school, for a VERY enjoyable day. Keep up the good work.

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  1. Nina says:

    My class really enjoyed their session with Tim. I was amazed at how much work they actually produced, especially the ones I have been trying so hard with all year. They wrote some wonderful descriptions. I wouldn’t have guessed you could get so much out of a computer game – I thought they were just for nerds!
    I’m glad you liked their thoughts about Mr. Walker. How do you know that he doesn’t actually need to breathe?!
    Thanks again.

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