The South West Regional ICT Conference 2007

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A bit of a homecoming gig today, presenting at the 2007 South West Regional ICT Conference, held at The University of the West of England. This is my fourth appearance there, but still, in excess of 140 folk chose to endure my session. 🙂

I had the opportunity to recap some of the ground covered in the last couple of years and mention some of our recent developments. The on-line aspect has really intrigued many people and I hope that we can move things forward as soon as possible.

On a more immediate and accessible note:

I have often mentioned the 5 P Principle: “Proper Preparation Prevents a Poor Performance” and how important planning is to a film project. I have discovered how useful PowerPoint and speech bubbles can be in planning a task like a Public Information Broadcast, where they have to get over a powerful message in a short space of time.

I also enjoy using “Comic Life” with children because the possibilities are endless. Again, it can come in handy at the “quicky planning” stage. It has proved useful for blogging events as well.

The good folk at Sandaig Primary school use comic life to great effect in their blog too. They regularly update their site with activities and goings on at school, and often record these articles in Comic Life. It is well worth checking out the Eco blog or Sandaig TV for excellent ideas on how blogging can bring life to a school website.

Comic Life allows you to insert pictures, anotate them with bubbles, call outs, and stretchable text. Even the sound effects as you manipulate the shape of words are worth a listen

The exciting news re Comic Life, is that there is a PC Beta version available now.

Visit the Plasq website for more details.

Alternatively, make the wise decision to invest in at least one Mac for your school.

“Why?” you ask. Well, apart from the fact that they work, are beautiful places to sit at, and do what you ask them too… there are so many invaluable and accessible tools “as standard.” GarageBand, iMovie and others, seamlessly integrate and enable children to produce some excellent results, …and independently too.

I use a MacBookPro, as it also has an inbuilt camera and, even on a simplistic level, children can have so much fun with PhotoBooth.

Photo Booth is a nifty little program. You can take standard portraits, or add one of many effects including some superb distortions and colour themes.

These can be exported and added to Comic Life or any film software. “Benny Wars: The Movie” being one such film. (I will post the link to that film when it is available.)

Well done Ben! A film director at nine!

Thank you to all those involved in the organisation of the South West Conference. As ever it is one of the best. A wide range of seminars and a good trade show.

I look forward to returning AGAIN… if you’ll have me. 🙂

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  1. Liz says:

    Came home after really inspiring day and logged onto your blog. We were so blown away by your session. Thank you for driving us on with fabulous ideas for developing writing….I just wish all our staff were there to listen to and ponder on our writing future too.

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