Bath Spa Music Conference

| July 11, 2007 | 2 Comments 

Was honoured to be invited back to Bath Spa again, this time for a music conference held there, involving schools and music specialists from the area.

I had a couple of fun practical sessions, where the folk had a great sense of humour. We made soundtracks and scores to go with some of the game elements. Pictoral scores are a great way of planning or recording a composition though we certainly didn’t quite get as wild as the score I shall put at the bottom of this post!

I am a big fan of using GarageBand with children of all ages. It gives them the opportunity of creating sound tracks alongside film. There are many downloadable promo films for the Myst games. These are perfect as a stimulus for a music project. Selecting appropriate timbres, timing sounds to match changes of images, creating a collage of colours within the sound spectrum to enhance the on screen images.

If you don’t have access to GarageBand on a Mac, there are some superb, simple alternatives for P.C. that give children the chance to compose: 2Simple’s 2Compose includes the opportunity to compose with notation as well; More Musical Monsters is part of the Musical monsters range from QandA and encourages children to build and combine blocks of sounds, thus creating simple but eefective compositions. With both of these programs, the end result can be exported as a MIDI file which can be inserted into PowerPoint presentation. (Insert: Sound from file: find it)

A quick way of building a song backing track is provided by Chord Studio

Try Create Bands for a laugh too!

Visit the Animusic site for some excellent and imaginative digital instruments of the future. There are animated clips on the “DVD info and Clips” page

It may be a cacophony we produce when we try our hand for the first time at composition, but it is SO MUCH FUN!

Thank you to Christine Wright,Teaching & Learning Consultant for Music, at the South Gloucestershire Music Service, and to all of her colleagues, and Caro Barrett of North Somerset Music Service, for a great day.

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  1. Jo Burton says:

    I hate people like you.
    People like you, who are totally inspiring and totally depressing. After going to your workshop and being all inspired and that, I now have to go to school tomorrow and teach. Thanks a bunch. Perhaps I should hand my resignation in now? Well, not just yet… I’m putting a bid on Myst on ebay at this very moment…

  2. Ben England says:

    Hi Tim. Thanks for a really interesting and engaging music session this afternoon. As a fellow player and user of games, it is great to meet someone else who thinks games are more than just frivolous fun! Great website, by the way…

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