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Welcome back after a really mixed bag (weather-wise) of a summer. I, personally, had a really good break and hope that you have too. A busy few days ahead, covering a few hundred miles, so the blog may be a little “tardy” at times.

I had a really fun day today at the Whittlesey and Coates PSLN Network Training Day held at Park Lane Primary School, Whittlesey, Peterborough.

The network includes staff from Alderman Jacobs school, Coates Primary school, New Road Primary, and Park Lane Primary School

Their theme for the day was “INSPIRATION FOR WRITING”. I was asked to give the opening key note speech and then delivered two workshops. Other workshop leaders included Tony Wilson, Martin Oldfield, and my good friends Oscar Stringer and Joe Moretti.

I found that using a new laptop is more hairy than I had anticipated. Taking a leaf out of Steve Jobs’ book, I had gone over my presentation a few times and ironed out all the technical glitches. Well, not all obviously as I was plagued with little irritating errors through the whole of my 1.5 hour presentation. I suppose it is a bit like a juggler dropping his clubs a few times just to make it look hard! The group today had a fantastic sense of humour and were remarkably understanding whenever I dropped a baton today!

The Hat caused a few problems so I will put a link to some potential “fixes” when I can.

The groups came up with some great films and music to accompany them. Well done all.

Oscar has managed to put some photographs and, even better, films fo the animations HERE. Thanks Oscar. Go check them out folks.

Thank you to Val Cameron, Tara, Craig, and their colleagues for a great day. (Also to Colin for some technical doodlin’)

Talking of films…

I ended last term with some film references. Now, I must mention a film we saw at the cinema, as a family, during the summer: the highly amusing and entertaining Evan Almighty.

See the trailer HERE and try some games HERE.

Acts of Random Kindness is a great motto and a delightful twist.



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  1. carol crackle says:

    brilliant and captivating spaeker, enjoyed the whole day.

  2. Martine White says:

    Well someone had to go first so I thought I would! I found todays training excellent and I am now inspired to try out some of the things we learnt about today. I will start by putting my summer holiday photos into movie maker tonight (which will impress my 10 year old daughter who has been itching to do this for weeks).

  3. Sonya Richards says:

    The opening speaker kept my attention throughout, very humorous and witty bloke, a good enjoyable day.

  4. Val Cameron says:

    A fantastic day Tim! The Whittlesey and Coates cluster really ‘rocked’ so well done to all the presenters. We all enjoyed your professional presentations, we were motivated and excited by new technologies and applications, and we made new friends as well – not bad for the first day back after the summer break. perhaps the children of Whittlesey and Coates will ‘baldly go where they haven’t been before’ on the back of this wonderful day.

  5. Helen Willatt says:

    A throughly brilliant day, I will certaintly take some useful ideas into the classroom from this entertaining INSET. The animation workshop was great!

  6. Sue Bradshaw says:

    What a fantastic “first day back”………… it was wonderful to see how you inspired teachers and teaching assistants across the key stages.

    Your enthusiasm is catching – I came home and enthused to my own sons – aged 11 and 12, being “Typical boys” – they cant wait to enter your virtual world.

    I can see lots of opportunities for integrating your ideas into Literacy and lots of other areas of the Curriculum….

    you and your team proved to be great team builders – many thanks,

    Sue Bradshaw

  7. Lisa Hatfield says:

    What a fantastic presentation! Great to listen to someone with a sense of humour and a passion for ensuring that ALL children are able to learn and achieve in a fun and stimulating way. Plenty of food for thought. It’ll be difficult to find a speaker to match or out do Tim. A hard act to follow for the other presenters on the day. When can you come and inspire my Year 3 class?

  8. Wendy Seaford says:

    An inspiring start to the year. Your enthusiasm was contagious. We are all going to become sad souls sitting in front of out PCs trying to solve the problems set up in the virtual world and then introducing them to the youngsters in our care. It was also reassuring to see that technical problems occur in front of a hall full of audience as well as in front of a classful of watching eyes! Thanks for all your input.

    Wendy Seaford

  9. Craig Thompson says:

    An excellent day full of inspiration! I’m not sure I’ll be hooked on the games (which will probably surprise anyone who knows me!), but this isn’t just about using a computer game as a resource – it’s about thinking outside the box again – a skill which is often lost when travelling the beaten path (how’s that for a metaphor Tim?!). I’ve come away feeling inspired to try things out, develop things which the pupils and I will both feel enthusiastic about and really ‘get stuck in’ this term. Many thanks to all the presenters involved and especially Tim and Oscar for the fantastic presentations and workshops.

  10. Tara Eadon says:

    WOW! What a fantastic day. I can’t stop thinking about your presentation which was inspirational not just for the day, but for the new year(s) which lay ahead of us. Rather than just giving us ‘something to think about’ your enthusiasm captivated us all by actually giving us something practical to do-and we really do want to it!
    Thank you for giving us the confidence not only to teach our pupils but also to inspire, enthuse and enchant.

  11. Sarah Gregory says:

    Great to see some different resources for visual images. Keep spreading the word!

  12. Megan Randall says:

    What a start to the new year! It was very inspiring, I can’t wait to put all the ideas into practice. Thank you!

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