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| September 5, 2007 | 10 Comments 


A good trip down to the other end of Cornwall, swimming against some of the last dribbles of holiday traffic, for a really enjoyable day at Penponds school, Higher Penponds, Camborne.

What a superb setting! Miles of rolling fields and sea air. The school has just acquired the field next door to convert into a playing field, really extending the site.

There was a good group of schools there today: Penponds, Portreath, Kehellend, and St Meriadoc Junior.

Again, this group had a great sense of humour and were really up for a challenge. There were a few who had to work hard to control their giggles and that makes a day go so quickly. I love seeing people get gradually more and more “hooked” when they are playing the games for the first time. It is a fun way to end the summer and get back to the reality of work and a new term.

(A scene from Dinotopia. )

Thanks to Geoff Smith, for the reminder about Dinotopia, the book series in which a peaceful prehistoric world is discovered, a lost island where humans and dinosaurs live together in peaceful interdependence.

Dinotopia has a Myst like quality to it in that it is an island, a positive, peaceful place with a strange cross between fantasy and reality. Some stunning art work, settings and characters. The Dinotopia site is well worth a visit and you can even download a pdf of a map of the island.

Thank you to Kaye Pitcher and her colleagues for a fun day and a few laughs. (Thanks to Aaron for technical support.)

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  1. Tamsin Lamberton says:

    Wow! Great day, really inspiring!

  2. Amelia Arscott says:

    Thank you for a very inspiring day. Its great to see how much passion you have for childrens learning and how it can be made more fun and inclusive for all. Amelia – Portreath

  3. Geoff Smith says:

    Thanks for an amazing day Tim it was…intriguing, inspiring and full of great ideas that I can`t wait to try! Book this man for you INSET !!!

  4. Nicki Finn says:

    Had a great time being inspired. Tim definitely a charismatic person as I had been told and I especially liked his delivery-something of the Harry Hill about him. Good to hear from a teacher who has been doing it and doing it successfully. Thought the point Tim made that actually it is more about the enthusiasm and way you use resources rather than the actual resource itself is most important. As I teach YR and Y1 my concern is that screen experiences take the place of actual. Children need to use their five senses in the real world and need to develop their awe and wonder. A comment that I always remeber is that the four or five year old is only interested in what they hold in thier hand. Thought the day was good but my only criticism is that perhaps it could have been condensed. Less time playing and more time looking at children’s work and the impact Myst has had. Loved the interactive Powerpoint and the other reminders of how to use ICT effectively were great. e.g Digital Blue Movie Makers etc. Now looking forward to herding those cats. Have a good year and enjoy!

    Good point Nicki – sometimes I get the comment that people haven’t had ENOUGH time but it is certainly worth thinking about. Thanks for your kind comments and i am glad you enjoyed the day. Have a great term. Cheers – Tim

  5. Kyra Bennetts says:

    Thanks for an inspiring and motivational day. Ready for the children to come back now, BRING IT ON!!!

  6. Carol rees says:

    Inspirational is truly th eword – watch out children!

  7. Stella Dunstan says:

    Many thanks for an inspiring day! You’ve given me so many ideas, and I look forward to trying some of them out with my reception/Year 1 class.

  8. Marion Davies says:

    What a brilliant and inspiring day! My own children play computer games, but usually on their own, or if networking, only in the form of combat. Tim showed us how a computer game could be a shared experience, where communication skills develop naturally and language is enriched. Most importantly, we had fun together, sharing laughter, wonder and frustration. So how DO you get out of the lift??

    The teacher from Bristol, who also has inspiring ideas for using ICT is Dr. Baldev Singh.

    Thank you, Tim.

  9. I have had previous experience of MYST having used it as a revision tool in a Literacy club last year before SAT’s.The ‘going through the door’ description worked very well! My group of boys were interested in finishing the game and solving the puzzles but, the course greatly enhanced my knowledge of how the game can be used in the classroom and I firmly intend to include a MYST unit as part of the narrative writing this term for my 5/6 class. I think the key to the game is, as you say, to stop and stare instead of trying to solve all the puzzles. It will be quite interesting dealing with the children who are regular MYST players at home and I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for a great day – those holes looked like woodworm to me!


  10. carol polglase says:

    What a great way to start a new school year. I can’t wait to get back and start using the myst games and all the exciting ideas you showed us today. Thankyou Tim you are a really inspiring teacher.

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