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I enjoyed a fun day today at Coalway Junior school, Coleford, in Gloucestershire.

For 700 years the local Free Miners mined coal in the Forest of Dean. It was the skill of their forefathers in tunnelling under castle fortifications that earned them the right, by Royal decree, to mine anywhere in the Forest without hindrance. So, maybe all my years of digging tunnels in the back garden could lead to a new career after all?

Back at the chalk face: I taught three lessons today and then led a staff meeting after school. Each lesson was with two classes in a year group. It is always good fun to work with large groups of children and to see that they rise to the challenges as if they were in a small group.

The afternoon session, with year 6’s, was slightly longer so we had the opportunity to extend ideas but, sadly not quite enough time to create a sound track.
It is amazing how much difference music makes to a film or game sequence though. I had some interesting conversations with some of the children who shrewdly identified the importance of music in creating an atmosphere, feeling or mood.
I mentioned to some of them how, sometimes, what you might think of as an “unsusual” choice of music actually enhances your experience in an unexpected way. (Look out for some examples over the coming weeks)

Thank you to Fay, Enid and all their colleagues and pupils for a really fun day.
The quote of the day for me: “That was mintage!” I agree!

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    An interesting resource. Food for thought! Thanks.

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