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| September 24, 2007 | 2 Comments 

Now that was a fun day! A great group of staff from some of the schools in the Wheal Prosper cluster, today based at Nanstallon Primary School near Bodmin in Cornwall.

A group of folk, all with a great sense of humour, from St Wenn Primary, Nanstallon Primary School , Robartes Junior, Lanivet Primary, Bodmin College, St Tudy Primary and Port Isaac Primary schools.

(If you can’t see pictures dropping elegantly onto the page below… they are being blocked by your school filter. Rotten eh?! This is something to try at home.)

Whilst the weather outside went through a remarkable range, (from incredible torrential rain and brutal winds, through to… heavenly sun-filled skies and rainbows) it remained remarkably sunny inside.

There was a great range of people including teaching assistants, and teachers from all age ranges (yes that is both their ages, and the age of their pupils!) I had some good conversations about how some of the techniques and tools we covered can be used effectively in a one-to-one and small group setting with SEN children. Some had had a lot of experience working with children across the autistic spectrum and were keen to try out some of the ideas. (I, sadly, had to miss two days working at Baytree special school last week, and had been particularly keen to see how one autistic girl would respond.)

Thank you to Peter Dingle, for organising the day and to all of the those taking part. I am really looking forward to coming back tomorrow to do some demo lessons.

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  1. Jo Rowe says:

    I thought I’d take a look at your website but I only got to as far as the first page and noticed the ‘blog’ icon. So…I clicked on it and began reading what you had to say about today.

    You mentioned the weather – I hadn’t noticed what was happening outside because I was really focussed on what was happening inside! I found the whole day inspiring – thank you.

    Then, I scrolled down the page and saw pictures dropping onto the page before my eyes – it took me a while to realise they were of our training day and – yikes – there was a picture of ME!

    After the shock, I recovered and scrolled down some more. Yikes, more pictures … and then more again. I have to admit the way they dropped onto the page looked impressive so I must ask you tomorrow how you did it!

  2. Alison P says:

    Thanks for your inspiring ideas. Really enjoyable day and some brilliant tips for the classroom.

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