ASCA Partnership Professional training day

| September 28, 2007 | 16 Comments 

A good trip up to present at the ASCA Partnership Professional training day.

The ASCA group is made up of 9 Primary schools who take one day’s training together each year.

The schools include Ashbeach Primary, Upwood Primary, Ramsey Junior, Ramsey Spinning Infants, Bury CE Primary, Warboys Primary, Earith Primary, Somersham Primary and St Helen’s, Bluntisham. 

I was asked to do an opening keynote and then deliver two workshops. There were four other workshops on a variety of subjects: MFL – Language Awareness, Think it – Map it – Model learning, Art Start and Philosophy  and mine on Visual Literacy.

The training day took place at The National Centre for Deafblindness, Hampton, Peterborough. This award winning centre was the dream of a deafblind woman who felt very strongly that this devastating disability needed to be put firmly on the map. When people go deafblind they lose their independence, their communication and their mobility. I was really impressed with the centre and the work it does to support and empower deaf and blind people.

Well done to Michelle for navigating through, and surviving, the Doors of Doom Challenge.

I had a quick, but really interesting, chat with Ian Harris about integrating visual tools into learning and class settings. I will put a link up at a later date. Watch this (space) modelmap! This is a map that Ian drew during my presentation. He picked up on the talking -thinking -writing- cycle, and how it is reversible and worth juggling with.

Many thanks to Hazel Lambert, head of The Ashbeach Primary, and her ASCA colleagues, for a really fun day.


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  1. kevin Cook says:

    As a Myst player I am totally inspired to use my favourite game in Literacy. I feel that I can use it in all the new framework’s units and I’m inspired to look at other year groups units and see if I can incorporate Myst III into them.
    Many Many thanks Tim

  2. Lee Frost says:

    Thanks for such an inspiring session Tim. Having a class of mainly boys and a high percentage of SEN, I can really see the benefits of this approach long term to the class.

  3. Rachel Green says:

    Tim, thank you for my day of firsts!
    … this is the first time I have ‘blogged’
    …today was the first time I have honestly found computers inspiring as oppose to simply a useful tool
    …the first time in many years I have been on the verge of tears, wishing I could return to the classroom.
    You are truly inspirational. I only wish I knew then, what you have helped me to find out now. All those children I felt I couldn’t reach, I just needed someone with your vision to show me there is another way. I only hope my children’s teachers have the courage to teach in a way they know is right rather than feel too constrained by frameworks. There is still room to be creative and thank you for reminding us all of that fact.

  4. Rachel Green says:

    I should perhaps add I have been out of teaching for several years…!

  5. Michelle King says:

    Thank you for a trully inspiring keynote speech.

  6. Patsy Barrett says:

    A totally fantastic and inspirational experience. All our staff were overhelmingly impressed by your commitment to enthusing children to love writing- not dread it! You give them the key to express their thoughts and feelings and let their imagination roam over those wonderful landscapes. We cannot wait to invite you to show us more! On a personal note, I was heartened by the work you are doing all over the world but especially at your school in Chew Magna. I am so pleased that those children have someone like you as their role model and guide ( I am a Hartcliffe girl-born and bred!(small world!) )
    Thanks so much, Tim. A wonderful day!

  7. Michelle Coe says:

    Thank you for a truly inspiring seminar. I can’t wait to get back to school to use some of the fantastic ides you shared, and see the positive results! Thanks also for helping me to navigate the doors of doom…..! I will be regularly checking your site for any other great ideas!


  8. Jane says:

    Inspirational talk. Will be ordering myst for use in school. I had been intersted when reading an article by you but didn’t realise how thought provoking they can be. I’ve used the hat for ages and the children love it. Hoping my children’s writing will be equally inspired.

  9. Kathy Salaman says:

    I enjoyed your presentation immensely this morining and feel more inspired than I have for a long time. I know that the ideas you shared will work with my class and can’t wait to screw up my current plans and get stuck in!

    Thank you for reminding me why I do this job.

  10. Jo Drage says:

    Wow…your ears must be burning…I”ve being very sad and rung all my teacher pals around the country to tell them about this fabulous key note speaker at a teacher training conference…words I never thought i’d hear come out of my mouth! Don’t be suprised if your site crashes from additional hits!
    A TRULY inspirational session, and what really gave me such a buzz to get back to my not so little, lovelies and put this into practise, was the fact you’re not one of those ‘advisor types’ whose left the classroom behind and goes out to preach about how it should be done, whilst rapidly loosing touch with the reality of being in a classroom, you’re doing this for real!
    Thanks for the inspiration…you have a VERY lucky class!

  11. Becky Radford says:

    You were truly inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed your key note speech. It made me wish I was back at school! Better than that though, we get to use your ideas to inspire the kids we teach. Thank you so much.

  12. Nargis Miller says:

    What a ‘turn around’ effect your presentaton and workshop had on me. From being someone who has always thought PC games were a time waster (OK for relaxation but not much use for anything else), I have completely changed my mind. I look forward to buying my own copy of ‘Myst’ ASAP and explore it in all its dimensions. After that, who knows! There are no limits on my horizon.

    Mrs Thatcher may have said “This lady’s not for turning” but I certainly am! Doing a complete ‘U turn’ regarding computer games is my intention.

  13. Simon Godwin says:

    Myst III on order and very much looking forward to having a ‘play’ with my children. A truly inspiring talk and demo. It’s great to know that while most of us dip our toes in the potentials of ICT, there are people who dive straight in and show us what is truly possible. Thank you for being a great swimming instructor!

  14. Thanks for highlighting the possible use of computer games as a resource for visual literacy. If only our school computers could handle the graphic requirements of games like Oblivion as well! The staff are all really keen to have a try with Myst and, as you predicted, are all after wireless mice!

  15. Rachael Bell-Berry says:

    Thanks Tim for a fantastic day last Friday. I found your talk inspirational and ordered my copy of Myst III straight away. I can’t wait to use it in my class and see for myself how the games work as a stimulus for writing. I’ll let you know when we’ve dipped our own toes into the beach pool and found the red-rock dinosaur.

  16. Pauline Houlden says:

    Dear Tim
    I am an NQT and this was my first cluster training day. I had been told they could sometimes be a bit dry. Well all sessions were interesting but your keynote speech was absolutely amazing! i cannot tell you how inspired i felt that day. Never in all my training have i been so completely enthralled in the speaker and subject. Lucky, lucky children who find themselves in one of your lessons. Thank you.

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