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A trip to the other side of St Helens, to Oakdene Primary,

I had the fun of working in the ICT suite with both classes I taught through the day. The suite is named the Andrew Schenck ICT Suite in honour of a young lad who, sadly, passed away after fighting leukemia.

I am a big fan of mixing the analogue and the digital and the way Oakdene have set out their suite means that the children can write in their books easily, but also capture their ideas digitally.

I am also a big fan of using GarageBand with children of all ages. It gives them the opportunity of creating sound tracks alongside film. There are many downloadable promo films for the Myst games. These are perfect as a stimulus for a music project. Selecting appropriate timbres, timing sounds to match changes of images, creating a collage of colours within the sound spectrum to enhance the on screen images.

In this case, as yesterday, we used GarageBand to record the children’s voices on multiple audio tracks to accompany a captured film from the games.

Well done indeed to the children of both classes, to teacher Phil Reece for his energetic mucking in during the lessons, and to Helen Lee and her colleagues at Oakdene for a fun-filled day.

I for one am dizzy after such an exhilarating day. For some short excerpts of Year 5’s UNEDITED, FIRST DRAFT writing, read on below:


Standing here I gaze at the beautiful, circling bird, gliding over parched canyons. The sight is breathtaking! Bushes cling to the edge of the rocks with mercy as the burning sun glows in my presence. Smells of centuries fill my nostrils as I sense miniscule mammals scurrying around to escape the beautiful bird that is swooping down upon them. I’m drenched in sweat, which is my only water supply. Wind chimes blow their hypnotizing songs into my ears while a faint breeze sweeps sand in any direction. I climbed the red lizard as it scrapes for water. Clambering to the top of a flame red rock I rest in shimmering daylight.

I looked around and to my complete surprise I found myself in a greenhouse. It was magnificent, a stained glass roof with millions of glittering colours in it. Emerald leaves were all around me. Pots that scattered the light, shined like diamonds. I came across a tiny stone bench placed next to a shiny green window. Venturing forward I saw a great, big, green door. At that moment I wondered, what lay beyond it?

Andrew D


‘…it’s been so hot that all of the big rocks had melted and all of the hard sand is starting to crack because of the heat.’

‘…watching a huge bird circling it’s prey I am listening to wind chimes tingling in the wind. I can smell a rotten river that just dried out…’

Jack T

‘…In this rocky, parched world I can see a bird swirling around and around in the blue sky and gazing down to the land looking for his prey…’

Alice H

‘…I can hear wind blowing the rocks and sand in my ears. I have to put my hands over my eyes because it hurts…’


‘…Standing here, wind chimes are singing the most beautiful song. Rocks look like they have been speckled with all different shades of brown and orange. I can smell dusty sand swooping past. Up above I see a bird of prey looking for a tasty treat to nibble on…’

Alicia C

‘…Here I am watching the beautiful bird circling over the enormous dragon like rocks. Standing here on a perched desert like land. I can barely hear the wind chimes singing there so quiet songs. The hot air is smelt over the rocks and creeps between the crunchy twigs on the hard floor. The dragon like rock is slurping up the last rainfall in that part. It is almost like a stormy group of sand has hit the dirty face of a tree trunk side and knocked it over. The leaves float and hit the ground like a footstep silently creeping. The rocks feed on the delicious sun beams and talk to each other like they are best friends… ‘

David T

‘…Here I am watching the wonderful breeze pass by blowing calm fully blowing the sand off the red hot rocks…’

Ben H

‘…Here there is a famished and parched bird searching for some delicious pray…

…In this parched place you can here the wind charms howling in the air. Beyond the hills the beautiful bird is still waiting for its pray. The bird has no time to waste and he will not give up.’

Charlotte K

‘…There is a rock shaped like a dinosaur trying to get the last drop of rain. Behind the rocks I can see the deep blue sea. The wind charms were singing their relaxing song…’

Lucy J

‘…Standing, hearing and looking here today, a lizard with it’s long dry, neck desperate for the very last bit of water in this deserted place on Island Cookoo.

Wind chimes sing like in a lovely, relaxing, spar.

To my surprise, looking over my shoulder, I see that I am actually standing in a stained glass, greenhouse. I’m begging to think that I built all of this and I am living here all by my self. To my amazement I saw a grand door, I wonder what lies behind that grand door?…’


‘…I can feel sweat running down my body like I have just had a shower. I stood on the spot and took a look around waiting for water to flow down…’


‘…Hear the wind chimes sing the calm soft song and the wind blowing towards me. I saw a rock in the shape of a big red dragon with its head in the rocky desert…’

Hannah D

‘…There was a brown wooden small stool and then I turned all they way around then I saw a huge round arched door. It looked like a door that they would use in a fairy tail…’

Jessica L

‘…Standing here I haven’t seen rain in centuries. It’s as dry as the sun in Jersey. There is a bird floating in the sky finding her prey. The rocks are all different colours like brown, orange, grey and black. I can see the lovely blue sky above me…’


‘…I spot things like extinct legendary water breathers. I had just spotted a boa constricter purching up its vevemus toxic to spit at me .I move a couple of yards and …..

WOW a carnivrus bird of pray yankes the death eater up off the crusty dry and crackly atmosphere . I spot a 3-D version of a fire breathing dragon reaching for the last droplets of water

.With golden Eagles plunging round the atmosphere…’

Lewis D

‘…Beyond the door lay a chest full of life .I would kill to go threw the arched

Golden and silver glamorous door .I would love to open the door with that handle…’

Michael T

‘…I am boiling in Egypt and I can smell the ground. it smelt like burnt chips…’

Michael F

‘…Standing here I can feel the wind stroking me nicely. There’s no water anywhere…’

Matthew S

‘…I can hear wind chimes that are like bells and they are making me feel extremely calm like wind chimes singing to the sky like they are singing with the wind. I can feel a really strong breeze. I can see a sea eagle swooping in a circle below the sky. The sea is as blue as the ink on a white page…’

Matthew H

I could feel the hot sand on my feet it was like my feet was in a cup of hot water. There were rocks like a dragon with a back with a prickly spine. I am in the dry hot sandy desert of Egypt. There were spiky points on the rock like a hedgehog.


‘…Above me a bird circles in the sky looking for his pray. It ‘s getting hotter and hotter and warmer and warmer, the sand is sinking in-between my toes and I have to wipe my head with my sleeve…’

Emma T

I’m standing here, looking out on to a lost, deserted island, all alone. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to help. The sand is sizzling under my feet. Up above my head I sea a huge hawk hunting for its prey. I don’t know where I am, but the smells getting ghastly. I have to hold my nose, but now I am beginning to taste it. BLLEEEAAACCHH! The bird is starting to plunge.

My heart is thudding. I sense movement. No I’m just kidding myself; this place is still as a statue. Suddenly it comes to me, this place is calm not dangerous There’s a big rock in front of me, it’s shaped like a dragon.

Turning, I found myself standing in a green house. The walls and door are beautiful, like the stained glass in a church. Leaves of all kinds droop from the ceiling with pleasure. I run my finger along the beautiful balcony I had been holding onto. I pinched myself to check I wasn’t dreaming. No I was awake and jumpy. Who lives in a house like this?

Elizabeth B.

‘…The sand is as hot as a volcano exploding, on the dark red mountains…’

Nadine C

‘…I can hear wind chimes dangling in the distance The wild bird circles looking for its prey. The calm wind is blowing over the beautiful coloured rocks. The seas waves rushing to the shore as if they were racing. In the rocks one looks like a lazy Dragon. …’

Christopher I

‘…Standing here looking out from beyond the hills. I see a big, dry, rocky open land searching desperately for rain water. There hasn’t been any here in hundreds of years. The wind is flying past my face…’


The rocks are hot as an oven and it is the colour of a flame


I can feel the crumbly rocks as red as the hot sun and the dry air. As they ocean breeze passes some red sand blows in my back up with a huge salmon and pops it in a clearing. I peer over it and see loads more but then I feel a nip on my arm.

A soaring eagle swoops past me and dives down below the crystal rocks. It is the difference of a surprise. I turn around and saw not a bird but a leaf and a green light covered me. I looked up and there was a stained glass ceiling. I shook my head and turned to look for water but instead I found a door. What is behind the beautiful and colourful door?

By Bethan.M

Now I can smell the burning hot sun hitting against the old bubbly sharp rocks and a strong smell of the sea’s powerful salt. The swirling cold water and the seaweed grabbing on to my feet. The waves are splashing against the poor and crusty rocks.


‘…Turning I can see leaves covering the stained glass windows curving around the green plants. I can see a doo,r just like a church door, with big brown gold rusty handles, bigger than my hands. The trees and leaves were that big I couldn’t see beyond my hands. The roses where growing that fast that it was like a rocket blasting into space…’

Emma C

I can feel the wind as it launches me back. I need to duck down so the huge carnivorous bird can’t capture me and put me in its nest for feeding.

Aran W


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