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A second day in an ICT suite and I am starting to get hooked! Rainford CE Primary near St Helens.

Being in an ICT suite, with a whiteboard, meant that as well as writing some superb creative, off the cuff ideas, the children could also record them digitally.

Thank you to Kayleigh Greenwood, studying as a third year in Key Stage 2/3 at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, who helped collate some of the children’s work. I will include some at the end of this post but remember, they are first draft, un-edited, un-corrected, at pace pieces.

One thing I often ask children is if they can work out why my walking stick, Mr Walker, is full of holes.

Here are just a few of the ideas that one class came up with today. Fun stuff and fuel for thought. Maybe I should get some adaptations made ot Mr W!

“Mr Walker is a long explosive bomb that moulds into different shapes.

A hospital for insects.

Hold and shoots out secret messages

Mr walker is a snake charmer

Mr Walker is a multi-storey flat for ants and beetles.

Super-sonic radar cane rod

Air freshener

So it can drink hot coco

A pipe

A multi-storey car park for elves.

Earthworm base

He was hit with loads of fencing swords.

A tube that lets out laughing gas

Secret storage.

Mr Walker is an unknown doorknob in disguise and fits into one and only one special door and the holes are the keys. The top knob is the doorknob.

Mr walker has holes for a hair curler

A weapon like a spear

Mr walker is a jet pack

It could be a bazooka which fires red ants

A runway for flying bugs.

spiritual stick for tribes

Mr. Walker

A telescope

It could be a enormous pencil or a pencil case

Secret do-everything-for-you hands.

Mr Walker is a supersonic plasma gun with holes that breathe out toxic nuclear gas.

Drill accident

Mr Walker is a giant over grown toot sweet.

A banister

A twenty-storey shopping centre for bugs.

To help Mr.Walker breath.

Mr Walker is a dangerous deathly aborigine blowpipe.

Mr walker is a lightsaber

A water pistol

Mr. walker has holes for an insect hotel.

To keep his spare brains

A water fountain

Holes to talk and give you cheats for Myst.

Hair curlers

Mr walker is a side exhaust for a car

A musical instrument.

A karate wisdom plank

A light.

A mega phone or a microphone.

A flute that calls other walking sticks

Holes for squeezing secret messages in.

A fountain

A prison for hares

Glaring eyes

A train for animals.

A multi-storey car park for bugs.

A foreign flower

Mr walker has holes for lifts.

a walking stick

Portable computer

The biggest toothbrush or laser lightning rod

A monkey bar

making you travel in time

Mr walker is a transformer and changes into car with neon light

Mr walker has holes for chicken eggs to fire in the oven.

It could be a flute

Mr. Walker has holes for a sausage maker.

A bus for woodlouse

Mr Walker is a secret den for all creepy crawly menaces.

A limo for hedgehogs.

Worlds biggest flute


Thank you to Julian Funn and all of his colleagues for a really fun day.


Remember, these are first draft, un-edited, un-corrected, at pace snippets.

I found myself staring at a staircase that looked like it was alive. It looked like it was a huge mysterious beast that was circling a massive tree. Below the mysterious thing that looked like a staircase there was a very deep strange ditch, it looked like something was staring at me like two gems. In the cliff there was a yellow light shining like a twinkling star.

I found my self-peering at a staircase that looked dragon scales strangling a wooden cork. The deep blue sky looked like spirits whispering to each other. The light was an eye glowing every corner of darkness. The wall was rotten bones from the ancient times. The sea like was a like a magical pearl from another world. The ditch was like a dark hole leading to hell.

I can see the blue mysty sky glittering in my eyes and a spiral staircase, which was a dark place, which haunted me to the skin.  I new the was evil though I was afraid I was not sure what about I wanted to find what I was afraid of. The rocky wall was falling rocks of the end of the cliff. The rock walls seemed like they were getting smaller the as a patch. The see was shining in my eyes were it was clear blue water fresh as the wind.

I found my self on a lost island with strange things like lights pointing to the spiny stare case and the floor looks like dinosaur scales its sounds like a tribe up the stare case and there’s a prisoner with a bird on it shoulder. She stood with rags draping from her skinny body. The bottom was filled of webs and there was a skull on one of the webs there was a dusting looking monster.

I was about to climb the dragon scaled spiralled stair case when I noticed a grey bone dry wall. come to think of it, it might be bone! aaahhh I was about to fall down a deep dark ditch when ….

I was in front of a scaly fish like stars. It was like I was standing in the shadow of the flesh of a massive Dinosaur. The light shimming bright pole with razor staircases. The dark brown pole was in front of me triceratops skin round it.

I found my self-standing at the bottom of a mysterious, gloomy ditch. There is a old enchanted plant standing there gloomily I look up and I see it looks like a Venus fly trap but bigger it is surrounded buy lighting up shadowy night lights. Lighting up the side of the glistering mountain shrouded buy green spiky green leaves.

I found my self on a lost island with strange things like lights pointing to the spiny stare case and the floor looks like dinosaur scales its sounds like a tribe up the stare case and there’s a prisoner with a bird on it shoulder. She stood with rags draping from her skinny body. The bottom was filled of webs and there was a skull on one of the webs there was a dusting looking monster.

I found myself in a massive Jianormas Bean plant with big cliffs on top of it there was a load of Gigantic plants with Frost on top of the cliffs in a sunny day Frost balls where being Frond across the top of the gigantic bean plant on the top there was castles Attacking each other there was fire balls frone at each other then big gigantic rocks then frost balls hitting the castles Then I When’s up the ditch There was Happiness fire looks like in a volcano erupting wood pekoes poking the wood and there was a gigantic wall on both sides.

I fond myself stand next to a spiral staircase of what looked to be dragon skin. I herd singing and a tweet of a bird. The sky was as blue as blue could be with dancing clouds…

I was standing in the middle of a beach. Looking at the clear blue sky the beautiful shiny blue ocean. The rocks were like snowy shimmering white flake. Behind me was steps leading up to no were what do you think what’s up there?
I heard a squeaking noise I think it is a bird and some one singing and the wind was hitting against my face.
I was there it was strange I felt like I was in the middle of no were it. There was a little light shinning very bright it was so beautiful I
Thought I was in fairyland. The steps were a dragon’s tail of mystery. I felt sacred and frightened all I could see was big rocks and a little something watching me! When I was standing next to the massive rocks was shocked how big they were. If you walked any closer to the edge of the rocks I was standing on you could fall in to a wonderful portal. So I didn’t I sat down and looked at the beautiful view’s. I heard the wonderful noise; it felt strange it came from haven like god sent me it. The music felt weird I didn’t fell I was me. There were loads of shadows gazing down on the sea. I felt something or someone was watching me. I felt cold, tired and not me.

I opened my eyes and took a good look around. Stood next to me I saw something that looked like a magical mountain. It was coated in grey, slimy ash and went up as far as the eye could see. The floor was dry, brown and crooked and it was encrusted in layers of dull rubble. The sea lay close by it was wavy and as clear as glass. Sky was filled with leftover candy floss swirling and spiralling around Like tornados.

I was standing in a weird spinetingiling tribal mysterious place. It was like king Kong’s island but different it was full of caves and scary as well you never no this could be a new tribal that hasn’t been discovered like the pupannu people it mite not of been discovered the island even. There had to be tribes all that I can here is snake charmers and didgeridoo’s. At the moment I feel like im in hell it is that mysterious. It also feel likes people had been taken and killed u never no what has happened here it’s the lost world as I call it. Im probably get caught and get slayed by the tribes if there are any living here. Weight have found a woman with a spear through her heart.

I found my self in a massive beanstalk with big ditches and a load of plants next to it. That looks like a stair case leading into a frosty cave even though there is a yellow godly sun gold ball that looks like it’s got a eye ball In the middle of it’s staring at were ever I stare. The sun beated down on me like a tidal wave. The beanstalk was as dark as the outer space. When I stared down the ditch it flashed like a camera shot. I hear a bird like a hammer against the beanstalk. The mysterious glowing object next to me seemed to be stuck in the wall.  It was half light and half dark on the dreaded island a satisfying smell drafted over the rocks like a snake slivering.

As I stand here, I listen to deadly drums from hell with giant bricks of mossy sand stuck to the wall. A door stairs at me daring me to go in. A rusty old door of brass metal awaits me to open it. The sound terse me to pieces as I listen to a jaguar screaming as it fights. The smell is damp like a prison dungeon.

Turning, I found myself looking through a window. I stared at a mechanical type machine. The light in there looked like a fire blazing right in front of me. There was hardly no light coming from the lights on top of the sandy roof. The smell was weird it smelt like rusty metal and damp walls. The walls at the back were dirty and smelly you could see faces that stare into your eyes and make you shiver like you’ve never shivered before.

I am standing here in front of me there are glinting rocks carefully placed on the barren wall. They are as cold as freezing cold ice lolly’s in the freezer. The door is burring as cold as many ice ages come to past. I can hear a marching band playing hardly like a heavy elephant stomping his feet angrily. The vent burns of a toxic gas plunged in this room to kill me like a dog after a fez- ant. On the other side there looks like there is a handle to go into the tunnel of doom.
The roof looks like a tarp waiting to happen of many spikes, like a cat after a mouse.  The cracks in the wall look like some kind of secret room. A creek in the door a snap of fire lashed out at me burning rapidly fast as if it exploded as fast as a Jaguar running.

Turning, I found my self-looking at a round fan that makes solid iced gold swords made for a timed out battle. On the left there looks like there is a cartwheel from a carriage that a horse has pulled from many years ago. The light looks like a lantern exploding with power ready to burst with great might. There is a sandy glimmering stonewall, that glistens in the darkness. There is a table with a bowling alley it is like deathly heads rotting under ground.

Standing here, in this cramped space I can see a red handle that looks as red as fire. Suddenly I can here a machine-like noise that is getting closer and closer
With a beat like Satan’s marching army stamping on the damped hard ground.
There is a side panel with massive gold bars shiny like it is cleaned daily. Scary but amazing the door looks like it is to a palace

Turning, I discover an old rusty cog the size of a tall man, as wide as a log I spotted a fan that had a never ending, disturbing sound, it had a refreshing drafed though. The lamp reflected the white comforting walls quite dim but just see able.
I turn back and realise that the door is not locked, also I spotted a stepladder leading down. I wanted to figure out  what the beating was but I also wanted to see what was down the rusty step ladder. Which one shall I choose ?

I suddenly find myself trapped in a stone room with hardly any light; in front of me there is a door of hell with a thin, red, magical handle. I hear a group of mechanical tech wolves stalking around. There is a mysterious, droplet shaped lock that is like an old, sharp arrowhead. There are colours on the walls that are ancient, rotting gravestones.

Turning, I discovered that the strange noise was actually a turbine that was spinning wildly like a steaming teapot. In front of me was a strange red leaver that my hand is eager to pull. There is a giant cog like circle that is as still as stone. In the middle is a bright light.

I am standing here in a shadowy chamber. I place my hand on the frozen stone wall. In front of me stood a rusty circular door, with a red lever pulling away from me. I can hear a loud drumming noise almost as if death on the other side of the wall. Bronze out linings surround the ridged door and two air vents lay at the top and bottom. Cracks looming inside the walls, making me feel that I am being watched. Wooden banisters frame the walls keeping them in place like a window in a window frame.

Turning, I can see an oval shaped opening, Inside I  see a working fan, I can also see a giant carriage wheel. The only light there was a dull lantern, like a faint moon passing through the mysterious clouds. There is a musty scent coming from the dusty wall stones like a smell emerging from a condensed area. Dust flows out of the fan like gunpowder from a firecracker.  

Stood here in this insanity gives me the feeling of a dark dead decaying monster cramping me in to a corner. My heart pounds at the speed of the deathly sound beating into the never-ending time in space. I can hear the drums of time booming faster and louder than I have ever come across in my life. I can see a great maroon wall crowding in and compacted together. The gritty texture on the stones rubs off the wall onto my chilling hands as I slide onto the floor. There in the rocks parched onto the wall is a spherical door with twenty-four carrot golden hinges like a queens beautiful Jewell. On the door there is a piercing red key. In the centre of the room there is a baron border with the paint slowly rubbing away over time like a dead decaying man dying over one thousand years.

As I turned, I saw a complete transparent window with a rusty brass frame around the frame is a foggy like steam covering the rusty brass frame.

Standing here, I feel trapped and scared like it’s a sacred place were I am not meant to be. I can hear loud machinery like the sound of drums beating faster and faster it’s hypnotising me. I can see mysterious walls carved by a stunning artist and a door from a volcanic underground. I can smell a ghastly smell more disgusting than burnt toast.

Turning, I saw a small oval entrance, which I looked through, and saw a fan that was like a turbine of a plane. Above I can see an old dark gloomy roof. Next to the dusty fan I can see a bright light that looks to be shining side ways. The large machine wheel leaning against the wall was like a gear from a giant robot. There was a mysterious smell like dampness in the room like a dead person rotting on a dug up grave.I feel lonely but I don’t think I am alone.

I am trapped in a small damp room with a bolted up door. Behind that door is the torturing sound of mysterious machines rolling and crashing rapidly. Drums beating faster and faster like an army of deadly robots crashing coming nearer and nearer. I feel totally trapped .I know I’m not wanted but I can’t move! My legs are buried in the deep concrete and my arms are tied behind my back.

Turning, I saw a mysterious portal showing a small turning fan like a golden eagle flying in constant circles. A tall broad bookshelf sits underneath the fan like a thin solider standing high and proud waiting for his commands. There is a slight beam of light coming from a slanted lamp nailed to the wall, covered in peeling wallpaper. There is a musty smell like cooking sprouts. I start to feel a little better as I notice the big rotting wheel next to the bookcase. It reminds me of my climbing frame back at home.

As I stand, the floor shivers rattling in fear thudding to the beat of core melt. At this moment my heart was ripping out of my skeleton and bursting out my chest. The hinges on the door were as gold as a stairway to heaven. The door handle was the colour of blood spilt from a wine bottle. The sound of a roaring fire incinerating Behind the door. The thought of a warlock behind you with dark red eyes glowing In the corner of the room in darkness shreds your thoughts.
Turning, I found myself staring at a room with a bronze feeling that sends shivers down your spine. The room was jam packed with cogs lashed all over the place
Wile a faint breeze flying across my face. During the process of blowing air it chatters as loud as woodpeckers talking in the trees. 

I am standing on a ice cold ridge, I bend down and feel the rough path way under my feet .I could smell the salt pass though the air like a football being kicked again and again, by a football player .The sea is a metallic blue.

Alice H, Lucy M

I found my silly self looking at the lovely inky blue sea in front of me and up above me I could see a stretch of blue sky, like a bright blue silk ribbon carrying on for centuries, eventually a massive dark, black cloud came over, before the black cloud came over it was boiling hot, hot enough to get a sausage ready to eat.
As I turned to my right I saw a big bright building, it looked like it had I red and white roller coaster track.

Aiden C 

I found myself in a carnival looking at the butiful red sea it is as red as blood. The clouds were like deep black like ink splating in water. The thunder is as silver as a shiny silver car. The sky was as scary as a spider.

Alicia G

I am standing on the pier; watching the inky, blue, calm sea. The sea was icy and bitter, like salt dough. The sea looks deserted, like no-one has swam or been near it for hundreds of years. The clouds high above look like they have just been painted with different coloured powder-paint. They look like fire, as if the heat of the sun was burning them.
Behind me, to the right, there is a tall, hollow building, with an open top roof, and yellow tracks jerking out in every different direction. Though there are tracks, there are no carriages or seats coming down, or a man controlling the ride. In the distance, there is fluffy white clouds on one side of the sea, and on the other, there is thunder and lightning.  

Caitlin P

I am standing on the pier; watching the inky, blue, calm sea. The clouds high above look like they have just been painted with different coloured powder-paint.
Behind me, there is a tall creepy building, with an open top roof, and yellow tracks jerking out in every different direction. Though there are tracks, there are no carriages or seats coming down, or a man controlling the ride.

Chloe D

I am standing hear, in the mist near the beautiful sky over the silky sea and in front of a beautiful house with a roll Acosta coming out of it. I new I couldn’t imagine any were else better
It was like touching the moon but even better it was like heaven. The sky was like paint drips but kind of black and the
Sea was also like a marble as well as silk I just could not get over my self because it was so beautiful.
Over my shoulder, there was a beautiful house that was like a cottage or a hut but it was so pretty and it looked kind of like a roll Acosta. It had a pointed roof and it was like in a little village in the middle of the see.  it did look pretty out side but
If you did go in side it would look horrible 

Elliot B

The sea is like a blue sheet of smooth silk. The clouds are like giant fluffy snowflakes on a freezing cold mid winter’s day. The lightning is brighter than a flare from a candle.
Looking over my shoulder, I see an ancient temple of gods full of….

Holly B, Millie P

I found my self-looking out across the seabed. The clouds looked like bluish candyfloss. The sun was peering out from behind the clouds shining on the glossy sea. The sea was like a midnight sky, gently waving across the golden sand glimpsing in the sunlight. The lightning was a streak of silver reflecting across the mystical sea. The sand was sparkling in the sunlight.  Sunlight reflected off the velvety sea. The clouds rumbling with thunder.
I turned my back to the sea and I found myself looking up at a rollercoster

Jake A, Dominic B

I found my self standing out looking a beautiful gazing ocean . It glistens in my eyes like the summery night sky. The sky was a drop of green vemenom poison like in a horra movie. The clouds are like fluffy bunny  ears . The thunder is a deep dark spirit talking to me like it was alive. The
Sea was a glittery ice ball.

To my surprise as I turned and looked over my shoulder and there it was. What was it?

Joel B
I found myself in a carnival looking at the butiful red sea it is as red as blood. The clouds were like deep black like ink splating in water. The thunder is as silver as a shiny silver car. The sky was as scary as a spider.

Josh B

The wind was a whole opera singing. The sea was a cold ice bath. The clouds were like big fluffy pillows. I knew it was a wonderful world. I felt like I was jumping from cloud to cloud. The clouds spelled out my name in joined up writing. The lumens black clouds were demenorers off Harry potter.

As I turned right round I found a roller coaster type building. As the wind went though my fingers to my surprise it sounded like a familiar voice.  

Julian L

I found my self-looking out over a lake of ice, a wonderland of clouds. The thunder sounded like a bomb booming into the distance. Each cloud a dark soldier waiting for battle. As the lightning strikes it diapers in the blink of an eye. The lightning goes and the thunder comes.

As I look over my shoulder I found a mystery’s building. Coming out of the building were many tracks for a rolacoaster.

Kathryn A, Kira W

I found my self standing, looking over the deep, blue sea. The clouds were shaped like puffy letters .the wind was howling like a dog while it’s having a bath. The sea was a sandy pool of blue ink. The thunder was like the world war two was back. The lightning was as bright as the luminous moon. The blue sky as dark as the dawn in the morning. Some of the clouds were like they were wrapped in golden lace. The sky was a thick filling mist. The day was as cold as the Antarctica.

Turning, I saw a large mysterious building …
The building was a never-ending roller coaster .The roller coaster swooping in and out of the building like a Hawk catching his prey. The building is like a China church but deserted. 

Liam M

I found my self-standing, looking out at a sky blue sheet of sea like it was across a bed. The thunder was a-bomb exploding!! The clouds are like a fluffy bunny’s tail.
The lighting is a bullet shooting down.

Turning, I saw a temple of the gods. Tracks like a roller coaster rushing though the canyons.

Lucy H, Alexandra W

I found myself looking out over a jet-black inky sea. The clouds hang luminously in the dark sky, like a blackberry dessert. The lightning was like gold crystals from an underground mine, or a pot of treasure and gems from the end of the rainbow.

Turning, sharply right and what I saw made me gasp. It was like an ancient rollercoaster twisting and turning through the rounded buildings. The largest

Natasha P, Bethan K

I’m standing here, looking over this beautiful sky like marshmallows dipped in glissening milk. The sea looks like a pare of eyes starring up at me.
I can hear the lightning screaming like a the beat of a drum at me as it beats down over the inky, black sea. I could also hear a  rumble of thunder, like the growl of a bear.
I look at the sky, the clouds are cotton wool, all fluffy and white.

Turning around, to my surprise, I spy a wonderful hut, like a bell ringers house. I walk slowly forward, towards the house, I can see more detail now. I see the patterns on the roof, one like the devils crook. The top of it is like a brick red telloscope, the  tillings of the house are like a bell as it curves at the bottem.

Rachel F, Angharad P

I found myself looking at the deep, ink blue sea. It was a beautiful site. The clouds where like fluffy beds of cotton wool. The sea was inky and like a BIG BLUE SPOLOGE.
The clouds were like the smoke from the lighting. The lightning was like a bomb exploding in every direction. I could smell the salty air like salt on fish and chips!!!! The deep blue sea was like a deep blue glass marble. It was as cold as ice cream in the freezer.

Turning, saw a mysterious  building with 2 rusty lines on could it be a rollercoaster.The bricks were like rotten biscuits that have bin left in the cupboard for years.

Ryan J

I’m standing here, looking over the most beautiful view. the sea looked like it was as still as ice. And the clouds like ice cream melted with cream. But splattered with loads of blue ink. You could see letters in the clouds the lightning was like loads of rockets blowing up in the watery blue loveliest sky.
And the glowing, flashing night sky and stars.
The clouds felt like wind and soft as it ever can be.
And one of the clouds looked like an eagle.

As I looked over my shoulder I saw lots of buildings like offices and train stations and lots of hotels and houses
And parks and in the distends I could see I massive rolercoster and people on it were screaming and there was a big bell at the top of this kind of church or the top of the ride. And I think I could see in the view a volcano or
A mountain.

Sophie MC, Olivia P
Standing here, looking out across the sea I can see the sea witch is like a deep, blue lagoon. The clouds are like fluffy, pink clouds. The lighting is as fast as a cheater. I feel like a something is watching my every move. The thunder is a ticking bomb, waiting to explode. Some of the clouds are as yellow as fresh butter. The storm clouds are jet black, hungry wolves. Other clouds are the scared faces of people who have drowned in this inky, black prison.

Turning, I can see a broken down, horrifying theme park. The thunder is closer than ever before, so close it makes my blood run cold. There is a house that is like a sacry,red spider.as

Thomas C

I   found my self-looking at the deep blue sea and the steaming hot orange clouds. The mystical sea twinkled like glitter. The wind pushed into my face like a alien ship approaching.

The building had two sections like a steep rollercoaster beyond the building it looks like a theme park circus.

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  1. Julian L says:

    I really like your website and your and blog. Your lesson was fantastic, it was so cool.

  2. Amy R says:

    I injoyed my day with you very very much , so thanks again for coming.i love the myst game we are doing a nother descericpion today about myst. it is a really good game so thanks again for coming. 

  3. Olivia P says:

    I really enjoyed you’re visit!!! When I was typing it up on the computer, when looked up I kept thinking: “Did I really write that?!” I used to be really rubbish at creative writing but now I good at it!!!!

  4. Rachel F says:

    Thank you tim for an exlancent day at cofe.Everybody enjoy the day and i am buying MYSTIII in the holidays BYE

  5. Luke h says:

    I enjoyed today. thank you

  6. Caitlin P says:

    Hello Mr Rylands and Mr Walker! Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your visit, and now I can’t stop writing stories!!! Thankyou for coming and I hope we see you again soon.
    Caitlin P

  7. Dear Mr Ryland, thankyou for putting our pieces of work on your website. Thankyou also for coming to our school, we had a great day!
    I hope you can come again sometime,
    Meggie and Tash!

  8. Helen Lee says:

    Thank you so much for a fantastic time both today at the Conference and when you were in School with us. Our children have become more motivated to write and they are being creative with their words.

    The Conference has given Teachers excellent ideas to take back into School to help develop their children’s writing.

    The whole day was a huge success and I thank you so much.

    Helen Lee

  9. Mr David Jarvis says:

    An excellent afternoon where you really managed to get the best out of the children. Thank You for providing me with some excellent tips and ideas that I can use in the classroom. Hopefully I can project these forward, which in turn, will help bring the images and sounds of Myst to life in both the minds and imaginations of the children.
    Ps – the conference was excellent too!

  10. Charlotte Loftus says:

    I enjoyed working with Mr Rylands. I thought he was funny and now I am more confident with my descriptive writing. I was excited to read my work on the blog and show it to my mum so she could see what I had done in school.

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