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Write Club 7 Celebration Conference – Haydock

| October 19, 2007 | 1 Comment 

At the end of what had been an eventful fortnight, we gathered at Haydock Race Course for a conference celebrating and bringing together some of the creative ideas for inspiring writing.

I think the folk of the Write Club 7 schools (Eccleston Mere Primary, Rainford CE Primary, St Teresa’s Primary, Willow Tree, Oakdene Primary, Eccleston Lane Ends Primary, and Nutgrove MA Primary) are an imaginative and creative bunch with an original vision and have every right to celebrate.

I personally would like to thank Margaret Baxter and Sarah Neild, for helping me through a time that went off in directions no-one could have predicted. A hospital stay was not in the script when I came up North but those two were a remarkable back up team. THANK YOU!

Well done and thank you too, to ALL of the Write Club 7 crew. You have a “write” to be proud of what you are acheiving with your children.

Thank you to Helen Lee, the other heads and staff who provided us with a challenging and inspiring fortnight.

To paraphrase a famous film:

“The first rule of write club is: you MUST talk about write club.”