Blaengarw Primary, Bridgend

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First session of 10 days in Bridgend. Bridgend is somewhere I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time. Les Phillips and his team have been getting me in regularly so that I will have visited almost all of the schools in the authority by the end of the year. I have presented at a few conferences … and they still want me back. I must be doing something RIGHT!

This morning, I visited Blaengarw Primary, a school set at the top of one of the valleys, in a setting that reminded me of The Sound of Music as, apparently it does some of the staff as they arrive for work every day!

The school had the feel of The Tardis – apparently tiny on the outside, yet surprisingly spacious when you enter.

I had great fun with a class of children exploring an area that they had visited before. This time we stretched their descriptive vocabulary so far that some of them surprised themselves as well as their teachers. They wrote well and spoke expressively of their thoughts.

My first book discovery of the day was Who’s afraid of the Bwgan Wood by Anne Lewis. It was a winner of the Welsh Books Council Tir na n-Og Award

‘All day long people hurry to and fro across the waste ground on the fringes of the Bwgan-wood. Nobody sees the eyes peeping out at them from the tangles of the trees. Nobody notices the way the leaves sometimes shake and shiver when there isn’t any wind. Nobody has the faintest idea that they are being watched. And nobody hears the laughter.’

It had obviously caught the children’s imagination and is proving to be a great book to read aloud to a class, full of magic, intrigue and fantastical characters.

I enjoyed a good session with the teaching staff, discussing how the many ideas we had covered could be developed even further.

Thank you to Margaret Lugg and her colleagues for a really fun morning in a lovely setting. It almost had me singing the The Hills are Alive! – almost!

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