Porthcawl Primary, Bridgend

| November 6, 2007 | 1 Comment 

Now that was fun! Thank you to the staff and children of Porthcawl Primary School for a whole day of exploration, investigation and some laughter!

You might like to start by reading the LiveBlogging done by students Lisa and Julie (Click on their names for a link to these previous posts) They wrote their observations “as-it-happened” into this blog and I value their comments.

In fact, the whole staff continued the trend of late, by offering some incisive and perceptive analysis of what was motivating the children in both classes we worked with today, to come up with such remarkable ideas and thought.

And the children did make some big leaps in many areas. Not least, in gaining a perception of themselves as writers – the first step on the path to greatness. They spoke with increasing confidence and character, whilst, at the same time, showing a developing respect and “cherish factor” for the ideas of their class mates.

I started the day with a lesson with Year 6. It was their first encounter with using the kinds of visual stimulus I tried with them, yet they responded remarkably quickly, surprising themselves, and their teachers quite often! I will put a link to some of their writing and ideas at a later stage.


We even managed to travel through a Doors Of Doom Challenge, one of the interactive games my class made using PowerPoint. I managed to show the class how simple yet effective use of hyperlinks can create a little bit of magic.

I would really like to thank head teacher, Andrew Wood, his colleagues, and the children of Porthcawl Primary School for the kind gift of a book called Landscape Wales. I already had the gift of wandering through the gorgeous landscape of Porthcawl, AND through a few, even more mystical, virtual worlds with you, too. THANK YOU

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  1. Andrew Wood says:

    I cannot thank Tim enough for the fantastic day he gave us at Porthcawl Primary. He was an inspirational speaker and encouraged the children to perform some amazing work. The “1034 SILLY THINGS TO DO!” book is well under way with 75 entries to date. The training was one of the best events ever and I know that we will be contacting Tim to return for another session. Thank you Tim for the pleasure of your company and sharing your talent at Porthcawl. Diolch! (Thanks!)

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