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| November 7, 2007 | 5 Comments 

A visit to Brackla Junior School, in the village of Brackla, Bridgend.

A day of contrasts: peace and pace.

We started the day with a session with the staff. This gave me the opportunity to introduce some of the concepts. I then enjoyed teaching a class of children who developed some good imaginative ideas, including simile and metaphor, to describe the landscape we were exploring. Peace… but with some increasing understanding of the need for pace.

After lunch, we reversed the process. A lesson with the year 6 class full of vitality and speed. Pace being the main feature, but showing how, after moments of great bustle and activity, the nature of the lesson meant that the children quickly settled to recording their ideas, with an air of peace in the room.

Here is a recording of the children’s expressive reactions to us taking them on a rollercoaster ride:

That was recorded at speed, and is only a snippet of what they came up with. Great fun!

Thank you so much to Sarah, Les, Kath, Arwel, Alice, Simon, Vicky and head Peter Jones, for your company on our journey through the day, and for your valued comments.

I am back at Bryngarw House, preparing for my last day in Bridgend tomorrow and enjoying a different pace, AND some peace.

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  1. Simon and vic says:

    Interesting and energetic way to deliver lesson on metaphors and similies.
    Children were engaged throughout and all abilities were catered for.
    The class were animated and enthusiastic and all participated fully in the lessons.
    As a school we will endeavour to continue with his superb teaching methods.

  2. Sarah Clarke says:

    I found the day very useful and interesting. I picked up lots of tips to extend pupils’ thought processes prior to writing. The visual and audio prompts were used to great effect and promoted some super responses from both high ability and weaker pupils alike. I will definitely be using the techniques shown to great effect in my future lessons.

  3. P C says:

    Very enjoyable and informative day. Tim covered metaphors and similies with a mixed ability class. All children were engaged 100% in the lessons and gained a great deal from his energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring approach.

  4. blog says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Although I had seen the MYST presentation previoulsy, it was great to see it put into practice in the classroom. The children gained pleasure, knowledge and hands on experience. Tim inspired the children and the work produced was incredible – great vocabulary and grammatical use (particularly commas!!) Children with special needs particularly benefitted from the lessons and a sense of success was achieved.
    All pupils were actively involved and the pace and rigour of the lesson was first class. I feel that we will be able to implement this across the curriculum. Thanks very much for a great day Tim!

  5. I have always shied away from computer games, only ever hearing ‘of’ them from my teenage cousins, and never feeling remotely interested. Using them today I can now see an enormous potential for children’s exploration of language.
    Tim has taken two classes on a couple of very new journeys today.
    The first one, into a desert land, got everyone talking and exploring their imagination. Tim consistently fed new vocabulary and expressions into the journey around the view. Children’s ideas were all varied, personal and grew from their initial tentative responses. ALL the children were engaged throughout the lesson, hanging on every word from Tim, change of scene in the game and their partner’s in the talking sections. I could see how many different activities that could go with the simple change of direction in the scene. It was the high level of enthusiasm about using language that was so significant to me. Children had a reason to be developing their ideas because they felt part of the new landscape.
    In the afternoon, the rollercoaster journey had every child enthused about their feelings, something that can be quite tricky to get to day to day… Using sound and soundbites from their writing gave the language a new lease of life that the children loved.
    I will be using this. A lot!

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