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Garth Primary – Bridgend. (No snow…all go!)

| November 8, 2007 | 7 Comments 

A return trip to work with the Maesteg cluster, at Garth Primary School. This time the weather was slightly more “clement” as, last time I visited, our day had to be cut short due to a heavy snowfall. (It took me six hours to get home that day, a journey that normally only takes one and a half!)

This time, I had a superb day, finishing my first week of three in Bridgend. It is always good to work for a cluster of schools that gather teachers from all key stages, including secondary staff, together for a practical training day. I feel it broadens our discussions and the investigations of how far we can challenge and motivate children.

We started the day with a whole morning of fun and challenge with a class of Year 5 pupils. They took well to the descriptive elements we introduced, and to the idea of stretching Simile and Metaphor.

After break we focussed on developing speaking and listening techniques. Speaking, in a large group, and without your hand up, is a bit like going to school in your pyjamas (or am I the only one to have had that dream?!) “No hands” is also like doing something without a safety net.

However, I often think that, at times, putting your hand in the air can act like putting a cork in a bottle: nothing else comes out AND nothing else goes IN.

Two quiet young ladies rose to my challenge and it was a joy to watch a development in confidence as they took on the role of designers and builders of the structure we were standing in. Well done girls! 🙂

Thank you to teachers Kate, Rachel, Ann, Claire, Richard, Jenna, Jon, Deb, Annette, and the children of Colin’s class, for a great day and for your feedback (read the comments filed for this post folks.)