St Joseph’s Primary School, Fishponds, Bristol

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A “local gig” today, at St Joseph’s Primary School in Fishponds, Bristol.

The name of this area of Bristol, Fishponds, derives from when it was a quarry district. The empty quarries were then filled and there were many large fishponds in the area which have since been filled in.

It is International “Take Your Father To Work” Day today  so, as St Joseph’s is quite close to where my dad lives, I took the opportunity of getting him to come and see what his “ikkle boy” does. Dad was a teacher and headteacher for many years. I learnt a lot of tricks, tips and techniques from the man himself so it was fun to see him finding out how much, and how little, has changed since he listened to the advice “quit while you’re a head” 🙂

The St Joseph’s staff have a great sense of humour and this helped them get through a few technical glitches when loading the software. This doesn’t happen very often as the games load very easily…normally! We did install some new mice so that may have been the problem.

I think that using a mouse, whether it is a wired or wireless one, makes navigating the landscapes smoother. In real life, you don’t look around in a jerky fashion, as it appears you are doing when using a laptop mousepad. Rather, your head moves in one motion, much as when you use a “proper” mouse.

I often use a giro mouse, kindly given to me by the good folk at Classroom ICT . This means you can operate a mouse “in the air” without having a flat surface to rest on. Hold the mouse in front of you and move it… your cursor moves appropriately on the screen.

Check the “range” of the wireless mice before you buy ’em and then …enjoy the interaction the children experience with many types of lesson.

Thank you to headteacher, Matt Condon and his staff, Pat, Bob, Ed, Rachel, Chantal, Matt, Kevin, Jane, Sheila, Paul, Hazel, Cathy, Dan, Jo, Pauline, and Doireann for a great day.

I am looking forward to coming back on Monday and challenging the people that can stretch these ideas even further… the children.

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  1. Matt says:

    Being a Myst fan myself, I was incredibly excited by Tim’s work when he spoke at the West of England ICT conference. I had had a go at using Myst 4 with last year’s Year 6 (which prepared us for the short writing task very well), and loved the way children were as entranced by these worlds as I was. Seeing Tim at the conference made me realise I was only scratching the surface! Myself and Ed (our ICT subject Leader) were excited by the possibility that Tim might be able to come into school to share his inspiration, enthusiasm and great teaching with staff.

    Today has been amazing. We were honoured to be joined by Tim’s Dad, Bob, for a day of exploration, learning and laughter. There was a sense of excitement as we all explored these fantastic worlds and considered what amazing places in which they might be to learn.

    We also did an intense session looking at the potential of Powerpoint to create our own adventures and learning tools – powerful stuff! The day ended with a musical extravaganza where we composed our own soundtrack to a thrilling Myst rollercoaster ride.

    I can’t wait for Monday when Tim comes into school to teach Year 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6. Obviously I want to see Tim strut his stuff – but mostly I want to see the look on our children’s faces as they get as excited as we were today!

  2. Pat says:

    An inspiring day. Tim passed on a wealth of strategies, tips and practical ideas to excite, motivate and encourage children to develop and use their literacy skills in every area of the curriculum. The writing produced by children using Myst was astounding.

    Unlike Matt, I have never played, or even looked at computer games before, but by the end of the day I was hooked and really looking forward to entering the Myst worlds with my class. I am keen to learn more from Tim when he returns on Monday to demonstrate how he works with the children.

  3. Kevin says:

    For me Inset day and enjoyment rarely go together. However this day was different. I came away excited, full of ideas and inspired. I have used one of the Myst games previously last year and saw how it inspired the children’s writing. I am now beginning to see how powerful it can be, not just in Literacy but across the curriculum.

    Tim also gave lots of tips and strategies to help in the classroom. He was very good in helping to think outside of the box.

  4. Ed says:

    Matt and I saw Tim at the ICT conference in July and saw the huge potential that Myst could have in raising the standards of our children’s descriptive writing, especially for the boys. Having Tim in for the training day to share his expertise and enthusiasm for the game has been wonderful. The detail of the scenery in Myst is astounding and there was a real buzz in the room as all staff became immersed in the beautiful virtual world. I’m really looking forward to seeing Tim introduce the children to the vivid landscape of Myst on Monday.

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