St Joseph’s Primary School- Fishponds, Bristol. II

| November 12, 2007 | 2 Comments 

The second of two days at St Joseph’s Primary School in Fishponds, Bristol. This time working with the people that really matter: the children. Great fun!

I worked with three classes, Years 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6. It is always a fascinating experience to work though (almost) all of the primary ages in a day as it gives those who are observing the opportunity to evaluate the elements of continuity and progression in key areas.

I felt the first lesson could have gone more smoothly but was pleased it received a very positive reaction, both from the staff and children. It was me who felt I “could do better.” The old chestnut, the 5 P Principle: “Proper Preparation Prevents a Poor Performance”, came in to play as it is always important to have the location you are going to explore up and ready before the children join you in that world. Another technique can be to have the place up and running on your computer but keep the image hidden e.g. “No Show” on your projector remote or cover the lens with the lens cap. This puts a focus on the sound (both “sound effects” and “sound track”) and really opens up predictive discussion.

I valued the chance to analyse the potential of using these visual stimuli with headteacher, Matt Condon, himself an avid Myst player. One of the aspects we talked about was teachers sharing their “saved games” For example, someone might visit a good location and recommend it to a colleague. (You’re doing cogs aren’t you? There’s a really good spot in Amateria where you can watch cogs in action.) You can always locate the saved game files and e-mail them from one computer to another. (Myst III:Exile saved games are to be found in C drive > Program Files > MystIII:Exile > Saved Games)

However, if your e-mail address doesn’t accept attachments, or, in another context, doesn’t like receiving bigger files, there are a few reliable free sites for sending larger files to each other. For example,

Thank you to all of the staff and children of St Jo’s. A lovely lively bunch. I look forward to the idea of working with you again in the new year some time.

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  1. Dan Tilmouth says:

    Just wanted to say how useful it was to see you do a lesson with the children present. The children in my 3/4 class really enjoyed the experience and it has been a great ‘set up’ for me to continue with, especially as our next literacy topic is stories set in imaginary worlds!

  2. Chantal Marsh says:

    Thank you for an excellent Inset day followed by a very interesting day of workshops with the children. Today I did my own version of a Myst lesson with the Y6’s. The children were fascinated and inspired. Some fantastic language was produced , mainly by the most surprising members of the class. The childrens’ reaction to the end of the lesson and lunch break was, ” ah! I wanted to do more”! I left them at a cliff hanger (infront of the first door) and I am looking forward to the follow up lesson. Thank you too for the wksheets in your Locked section; very labour saving. (I have also spent the evening trying to make powerpiont presentations with hyperlinks; what hours of fun ahead!)
    Anyhow, many thanks, Chantal

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