Area 5 Heads Conference, South Gloucestershire schools

| November 13, 2007 | 3 Comments 


I always enjoy the opportunity to talk at conferences for Head teachers. It gives me the opportunity to be contentious and challenging at times, whilst, hopefully amusing and motivating too.

Today, I was invited to present to the Area Heads Conference at Coombe Lodge. It was a pleasure to speak to these heads from schools in South Gloucestershire who are quite remarkable for the frequency and consistency with which they meet.

As, often, they gather to discuss business matters, I took them on a creative journey instead.

What a responsive, humorous bunch.

Coombe Lodge is a great setting. It has many Myst like qualities and got us thinking of simile and metaphor to describe the ambience of the place.

Try visiting OWL, the Online Writing Lab, for lots of useful stuff, including their section on metaphor.


Thank you to Mike Lloyd for organising the event, and to Eileen Whiting, John Taylor, Sue Hadden, Carol Warrant, David Cahill, Tim Ruck, Ken Carruthers, Chris Thomas, Jackie Le Couteur, Keith Ledbury, Kay Pettifer, Carol Cruickshank, John Ridley and the other heads from the group for a great session.

I look forward to working with some of you again soon.

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  1. Thank you very much for an inspirational morning. It was such a refreshing change to spend a whole morning looking at something that could really have a great impact on the staff and children in my school. Above all, it was fun, which is what learning should be all about! I hope we will see you at Courtney Primary School soon Tim.

  2. Tim Ruck says:

    Thanks for taking us on a journey to remember. The way you have used ICT to inspire children ( and adults) is amazing. The morning flew by and I am now Myst bound…… We will certainly be looking at introducing this at St. Stephen’s. Thanks again Tim…wouldn’t have Myst it for the world. (dreadful pun I know)

  3. Carol Warrant says:

    Great session. Have already orderes the Myst CDs; for me initially with a view to roll out to like minded teachers as a pilot. Thank you for inspiring me; not an easy task these days

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