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Archdeacon John Lewis Primary School, Bridgend

| November 28, 2007 | 2 Comments 

An afternoon across the other side of Bridgend, at Archdeacon John Lewis Primary School., and more, really enjoyable exploration of the magic of language.

It was very rewarding again today to watch a some children surprise themselves (and, maybe their teachers) with some really confident, expressive and powerful language, both written and spoken.

Well done to the children and staff of Archdeacon John Lewis Primary for some wonderful explorations today.

(Read Keith’s thoughts on the Magic of Myst in the classroom HERE)

Corneli Primary School, Bridgend

| November 28, 2007 | 1 Comment 

A morning at Corneli Primary School, Bridgend (next door to Ysgol y Ferch o’r Sgêr, which I visited earlier in the week) What a great lively crew. First, with Year 3, we had superb fun exploring a landscape together and their descriptive writing really took flight.

A bit of “LiveBloggin” from teacher, Richard Humphreys, as the  first lesson goes on:

We are looking at a very dry desert. There are mountains and a bird circles over them. The children are asked if they can see the bird and what is it doing? They suggest that it moving in a figure of eight or maybe it’s looking for its prey. Tim asks ‘What lies beyond the hills?’ Children discuss in class. Some suggest there is smooth rocks over the hills. Maybe the bird is circling trying to pop a rain cloud or mark a place on the ground where something is buried. We move on to look at the crumbling rocks. The class notice that one of the rocks looks like a dragon. It could have died in a fight and was then covered in sand forever.

Tim  explains (using a story about his daughter) what a simile and a metaphor are. Children begin to write what they can see. Tim gives them a starting sentence ‘Standing here looking out across a dry…..

Children begin to write with concentration and ask questions to their friends about what they can see. They are encouraged not just to write ‘I can see… I can hear..All the class are focused on what they are doing.

Great stuff!

The second lesson was with a group who have already done quite a lot of Myst exploration over the last year after their teacher had picked on some ideas after attending a conference I was speaking at in Bridgend.

A great and different paced afternoon. I look forward to seeing what these children come up with next.

Well done and thank you to the staff and children of Corneli Primary for a fun filled day.

We really enjoyed messing about with words and juggling with their order to create a bit of magic.

Here is a really interesting challenge, a twist on the traditional crossword. This crossword puzzle really challenges you to think about words to solve the puzzle.