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| December 12, 2007 | 4 Comments 

Another visit to Milton Keynes, this time to do two days for the authority.

We started, today, with a training day at the Hilton for nearly a hundred folk. A great day with some more laughter and people rising to the challenges. It is always good to see so many people, who have not met each other before, becoming so quickly immersed in what we are doing.


Thank you to Denise, Mike, Alan, Jane, Carol and all of their colleagues for organising a really fun event.
Gracias a Denise, a Mike, a Alan, a Jane, al carol y a todos sus colegas por organizar realmente un acontecimiento de la diversión.
楽しみのでき事を実際に組織する為にDenise にあなた、マイク、アラン、ジェーン、キャロルおよび彼女達の同僚のすべてに感謝しなさい
Thank you and well done to all those from Abbeys Primary, Bishop Parker Catholic School, Bradwell Village, Brooksward, Broughton Fields, Bushfield, Caroline Haslett, Cedars Combined, Emerson Valley, Falconhurst, Giffard Park, Giles Brook, Great Linford, Green Park, Greenleys, Hanslope, Heronsgate, Holne Chase, Lavendon, Long Meadow, Loughton, Meadfurlong, Middleton, New Chapter, Olney Middle, Orchard, Oxley Park, Rickley, Romans Field, Southwood, St Bernadette’s, St Mary Wavendon, St Monica’s, Stanton, Summerfield, Tickford Park, Two Mile Ash, Wavendon, Wellsmead, White Spire, and Willen, schools.


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  1. Carol Smith says:

    I knew when I woke up at 3am this morning that it was going to be an amazing day! It was really good to actually meet Tim after all our emails and telephone calls. Denise’s fantastic organising skills meant the day ran smoothly with only minor technical hitches. The room at the Hilton looked really festive and welcoming and as all the Year Six teachers began to arrive, the atmoshere began to buzz. So many lovely, talented teachers gathered together to work with Tim and what a treat we had! I loved all the wonderful visuals and being part of a very special Christmas present to us from Tim. He seemed to immediately tune in to our needs and I just felt totally inspired all day. I can’t wait to hear from teachers about how they use and develop Tim’s ideas in their classrooms ~ maybe I’ll even get a chance to try some out myself ~ is that offer still on Lynne?
    Now looking forward to seeing a gallery lesson tomorrow ~ don’t miss out on Tim’s Twilight session at Caroline Haslett school if you couldn’t come today! Thank you so much Tim and all you great Y6 people! Best love Carol S. (Senior Literacy Consultant)

  2. Mike says:

    A really fantastic day which helped demystify (thanks for the pun, Alan) visual literacy. Everybody left with loads of enthusiasm and oodles of ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing tales of Myst influenced lessons!! Thank you Tim.

  3. Alan Dawson says:

    Gee guys I can’t miss out on making a comment too! My little one is teething hence the time of day of this post.

    Thanks for some great ideas Tim, more power to your arm as you stalk the land in search of recruits to the age old virtues of teaching, that is of inspiring children to learn by using your greatest strength, your own PERSONAL ENTHUSIASM!

    By the way what happened to my comment on your article about typing?

  4. Geoffrey R. Staines says:


    Your link to the “English – the universal language on the Internet?” was interesting. I noticed that the article was written in 1995, updated in 1999 and corrected in 2003. I wonder if there are more recent stats on the preponderance of English on the Internet as compared to other languages.

    Of course, I find that a number of sites from non-Anglophone countries that purport to be in English are sometimes actually in something that resembles English – not in English but in Englishish. B-)

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