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| December 19, 2007 | 7 Comments 

A last working day of the season and a fun filled festive frolic at Portishead Primary School.

And what a fine time we had! A great bunch of teachers, TAs and LSAs with a superb sense of humour. The school is set on the edge of the new Portishead Marina development. It is a school that was opened four years ago, is an original, artistic design and has a tremendous atmosphere amongst the staff. That the staff were so up for our day, even though it was the last working day before Christmas, says a lot for their spirit.

Thank you to headteacher Mike, Michelle and their colleagues Debbie, Jackie, Jimmy, Lou, Sam, Lynne, Liz, Lorraine G, Jewlei, Sue, Jan, Maxine, Karen, Kirsty, Lorraine P, Laura, Richard, Kate, Louise S, Louise W, Mike S, Wendy, Jo, and Mel for a great way to lead into the holiday. A big pat on the back to everyone for making my day so enjoyable too.

Well done to Lou and Sam for conducting a Marvellous Myst-y Musical Muddly! (Watch this video at your own peril. You have been warned! 🙂 )

For your own yuletide merriment, why not have a go at Elfing yourself at the glorious and simple Elf Yourself dot com?!

(It is a little bit popular at the moment so may take a smidge to upload, but is worth a little wait.)

snowflake.jpg There’s snow business like snow business! Try a little flake-y art when you click the snow flake.

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  1. Laura Phibbs says:

    Woweee! What a fantastic end to a long term. The best bit was playing the coconut shells to Myst! At least planning literacy over the holidays might actually be good fun!
    I hope 2008 will be a visual literacy explosion in my class. Brilliant!

  2. Richard Riordan says:

    What a fantastic way to end the autumn term!!! Not only is Tim a charismatic personality who we will all remember, but his creative and inspiring INSET is one that will echo through the learning and teaching here at Portishead. It is ironic that the greatest thanks should come from the children we teach who have missed today. They will reap the creative rewards of a day that has captured our imaginations and will help us to challenge, excite and engage and make the most of our ICT provision.

    A really inspirational educationalist, (the kind of teacher we would all love to be) and a man who’s message is as powerful as his warmth and charisma.

    Thank you Tim.

  3. Mike Sach says:

    A fantastic day! What an inspiring way to make literacy more interesting and accessible. Let’s give the children back some enjoyment!

    Thanks Tim

  4. Liz Essex says:

    A really inspiring day with so much to try out with the children next term. I`m sure they will enjoy this approach to literacy work and I look forward to trying out new ideas as well.

    Thank you Tim.

  5. Jan Jarvis says:

    You have achieved the impossible – kept me alert, awake and interested right to the end of an INSET day! It was brilliant, and soooo inspiring. I’m looking forward to planning lots of exciting literacy lessons for my Y4 class – if I can tear myself away from Myst III! I briefly put the opening island sequences on the whiteboard to immediate flowing of ideas.

    Thank you Tim.

  6. Kate Sparks says:

    What a brilliant way to end the term. Tim was so inspiring and the day was packed with great ideas and resources. Thank you.

  7. Michele Paul says:

    Better late than never!!!! Finally sitting at the computer thinking of as many superlatives as I can for such a brilliant Inset day which was held at the end of a very busy two terms! You inspired and enthused a room full of both teaching and support staff with your personality, presentation, ideas and enthusiasm. We listened because you spoke from both the heart and from the reality of being a classroom teacher, having developed the work in a real situation with a class full of children. We are still talking about it and planning how we can use and develop both the Myst and other visual material……many many thanks. I hope that that isnt the last we shall see of you!
    Thank you, Tim.

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