Newbridge and Charles Dickens Junior schools, Portsmouth

| January 3, 2008 | 9 Comments 

A great way to start the new year: A two-day visit to Portsmouth to work with the staff of Newbridge Junior School and Charles Dickens Junior School.

Well done to all for returning to work with such enthusiasm and laughter!
We talke about the use of walkthroughs, and getting children to write their own walkthroughs…

Here are a few examples of Myst III: Exile Walkthroughs:

Myst III Exile walkthrough and ‘cheats’

Easy to follow and has good descriptions of the various worlds.

This one has screen shots and music too!

Thanks to Claire Stevens, Sandra Miller and their colleagues for a thoroughly enjoyable way to commence 2008! Well done to Mark for conducting a soundtrack at the end of the day! I look forward to tomorrow, when we will be trying out some of the ideas with the people who really matter: the children. 🙂

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  1. Gill Parmee says:

    I was pleasantly surprised and really enthused about the ‘Myst’ game. I have noticed at least two of the boys in my class ‘switching off’ at certain points during writing tasks, and then ‘switching on’ when enthused about something. I’m sure that this will catch and keep their attention, and can’t wait to try it!
    must go now and cook tea!

  2. mandy says:

    Well here is the requested comment! I must admit I held back on commenting yesterday until I had seen how the class reacted today and I am glad I did. I was impressed with the whole Myst theory yesterday but have to confess to being slightly cynical as to how our children would react…………..for this I apologise to both you and the class as I under estimated both the theory and the children themselves. They loved the concept and all children, of all abilities became immersed in the world of Myst (or where ever they happened to travel in their own imaginations). A success – Thank you.

  3. Sandra Miller says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for an inspiring 2 days. The staff and pupils were delighted and your input was lively and engaging for all. It was lovely to see the children so engrossed in their writing, they were ignited. WONDERFUL! – we now have to keep the fire going!!

  4. John Larkin says:

    Tim, I enjoyed reading this post and I shall follow this idea up with my junior history class. I look forward to catching up with more of your posts during 2008.
    PS. I am “baldly” going along the same path I think.

  5. Ashlee says:

    Would just like to say thank you for an inspiring 2 days. During the lesson at Charles Dickens I was sat with 2 boys and it was lovely to see how enthusiastic they were about the tasks. When playing Myst on Thursday I was unsure about keeping the pace of the game slow as i wanted to get through parts but from watching Friday’s lesson I can see the amount of things that the game can lend itself too without having to rush ahead. We are using this on Friday and I am looking forward to it! Thank you

  6. Sally B says:

    Good to see a different way to enthuse the children and develop language skills in a creative way.

  7. Mark says:

    I really enjoyed Tim’s approach to both teaching and using modern child engaging technology on the IWB. Computer games are seen by many people who do not play them as a negative usage of a child’s time. But I trully believe they can provide the awe and wonder to match any film or book and inspire children (especially boys) into becoming more proficient writers.

  8. janet jackson says:

    Ti m, I have spent a while attempting to use the Myst iv computer game which for me is a first. I find computers very frustrating as my skills are not very accomplished. I l find time to have another go. You never know , I may become hooked1. I especially enjoyed the rare privilege of working one to one with Leear who used similes in his year three writing.

  9. J M Bleeck says:

    I really enjoyed the afternoon spent with Year6 at Charles Dickens school. The group of children I sat with were delightful. They got a great deal out of the session and therefore so did I.

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