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More often these days, I am asked to spend a few days in a school or cluster of schools. This can often be a training day followed by a day doing some demo lessons. Something that is developing is the opportunity to re-visit schools to work on the next steps, planning and developing ideas and concepts and building upon how they may be applied to have impact on standards.
Thanks to all the staff at St Joe’s in Fishponds, Bristol.
I will leave today’s posting to head teacher, Matt Condon:
Following two very successful days with Tim in November, we decided to invite him back into school to engage in some focused planning and ideas sessions with teams of teachers.
The agenda was very open-ended, but our key aim was to build on the success we had already had with Myst and explore opportunities to give writers experience, purpose and a sense of audience.
The first session was with Year 5/6 teachers where we looked at opportunities to give children experiences which would allow them to write in different genres – we obviously were thinking of SATs, whilst our aim is for children not to feel they are just on a SATs preparation treadmill. Very little Myst was used!

The second session was with Year 3/4 teachers where we looked at ways in which children could use visual stimulus to explore diary writing – an opportunity to get children writing on a regular basis – with meaning and purpose.

The third session was with Foundation and KS1 teachers where we looked at visual stimulus and how it can be used to develop speaking and listening – obviously leading to improving language, leading to better writing!
With all groups we looked at the new 2Simple Publish+. This programme looks like it will give us great opportunities to get children writing for a purpose.
Finally, a group of teachers met with us looking at how we can use the school blog – to create an active account of the life and achievements in our school. I’m excited about the whole team being involved in this!
A hard but successful day!

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  1. Ed says:

    I found it a useful day to have a few questions answered about Myst and also to ask about some of the other resources that Tim showed us when he visited us for our INSET. Whilst he was here, Tim showed us the new 2Publish software, which I am eager to try out with the children. A useful day.

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