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| January 23, 2008 | 11 Comments 

I was honoured to be asked to give a presentation at the Enhancing Learning and Teaching with ICT conference for Liverpool City Council, Children Services alongside Sir Ken Robinson and Professor Stephen Heppell.

This is the second time I have had the dubious pleasure of following Sir Ken on to a stage to present. I say dubious because the man is a remarkable act to follow. Great wit matched with great wisdom.

Ken and I wondered if there was a bit of a theme being cultivated here today, both of us using a stick to navigate with. We wondered if Stephen would turn up on a drip! (Thankfully not, even after a nasty ski accident just before BETT.)

Robinson and Rylands even formed a duo to rival Status Quo.

What a superb event! Thank you to Paul Bradshaw, (Senior School Improvement Officer, ICT and Global Learning.) and his colleagues for an excellent and inspiring day.

After my presentation I was interviewed by some Students from Broughton Hall High who are reporting live from the ‘Enhancing Learning and Teaching with ICT’ conference for RadioWaves. The interview should go up HERE soon. They made tremendous and enquiring reporters. They had the opportunity to interview Ken Robinson, myself and Stephen Heppell. Their broadcasts and blogs will be available at RadioWaves by the end of the week.
Please listen and leave your own comments..

In a lunchtime session after my presentation I talked with a few folk about the incredible range of genres that can be inspired by these visual literacy ideas.

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  1. John Robinson says:

    ICT Conference Liverpool 23/1/08

    Tim – pleasure to meet you today and really enjoyed your presentation, your use of ICT within it was exceptional. However what was more exceptional was the work you are doing with your pupils which was inspirational. If nothing else you have certainly inspired me to reacquaint myself with the Myst series and look at it in a whole new light. Keep up the good work.

    I would also like to echo your sentiments about the conference which Ken and I really enjoyed, it was a shame we could not stay for the afternoon. So thanks too from Ken and I to Paul Bradshaw and everyone who attended the conference and looked after us so well.


    John Robinson (Sir Ken’s Younger Brother)

  2. blog says:

    Likewise John. It was a pleasure meeting Ken’s ikkle bruvver. I agree: an excellent, vibrant event and well done to all of those involved. Good luck with your Myst-ing. Don’t forget to do other things though, like eat and sleep. Cheers! Tim

  3. Matthew Farrell says:

    Hi Tim.

    Yesterday was brilliant, so many ideas, it was like being given another set of eyes!

    This is the teletext thing I was on about

    Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you soon how I’ve used your ideas with foundation stage children.


  4. Paul Bradshaw says:


    Thank you so much for contributing to our event on Wednesday. I was truly inspired by your session. I will be giving some of your ideas a whirl over the coming weeks. Feedback on the day has been unanimously excellent! Thank you once again.

    Best wishes,

  5. Ged Murphy says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation which was both inspirational and practical and you did so well to follow Sir Ken. Our girls enjoyed the whole day and taking part in the interviews which is very much connected to the way we are developing our curriculum.
    Whenever you are in Liverpool again you would be most welcome to visit us.
    Ged Murphy Head Teacher Broughton Hall High School

  6. James B says:

    hiya tim, really enjoyed Wednesday. I would never have thought msyt could be so engaging – will dust off my copy and try it out with my Y4 class after half-term. Thanks for re-energisng my thinking. Enjoy Cyprus.

  7. Gill Lawson says:

    Your input at the Liverpool ICT Conference was great!
    The video clips of pupils reading out their writing was very inspiring and gave some excellent examples of what children can achieve when given interactive visual prompts. Your teaching clearly stimulated the children’s imaginations and brought out some very creative ideas which translated into enthralling writing.

    I will certainly be exploring Myst III further.

    Gill Lawson, Liverpool LA

  8. good luck with your work project i wish you all the success you can achieve in life you are an ambassador to the future an instrument put to the test with a goal to educate all of mankind now and forever good luck carry on yours truely tony rockhots p . s. the free dictionary by farlex is now available to you

  9. andy Black says:

    consider yourself blogged http://andysblackhole.blogspot.com/2008/02/learners-are-stars.html
    Tim Great Stuff and great to see you working with those great people at radiowaves . The mad bloke who bigged you up for the Brunei delegation at BETT . As always the learners are the real gems !!!


  10. Merlin John says:

    The Liverpool conference must have been good because those Radiowaves student interviews are brilliant. Really enjoyed yours Tim. Wonderful for those of us who couldn’t get to Liverpool.

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