Roskear Primary School, Camborne, Cornwall

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Thank you to Richard Jones and all at Roskear Primary School, Camborne, Cornwall for a fun training day. To return from Cyprus, and be met by snow and hail was a shock. That shock was softened by some warm, sunny laughter and smiles from over 50 folk from Roskear and surrounding schools.

Well done to Kieran for surviving a tense Doors of Doom Challenge! Thank you to Becky for the nudge towards Super Duper Music Looper, a nice little pseudo GarageBand. (Get the real thing on a MAc if you can though!)
Well done to Ben for conducting a fun soundtrack:

On the on-going subject of blogging, Pupils at Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Lancashire and Barmby Moor CE Primary School Yorkshire are trialing the Schools-Online Personal Learning Edition to create their own mini websites. Within their websites each pupil has: All About Me”  ‘My Diary’, ‘My Blog’ ‘My Gallery’ ‘My Documents’ ‘My Links’ enabling them to keep a record of their thoughts, their work and favourite web links.

The system has a number of unique features, for example as the system imports each pupil’s birth date the ‘All About Me’ section for each pupil tells them how many days old they are, how many days to their next birthday and the day they were born on.

As well as their personal area the students can be assigned to any number of blogging groups. Each pupil has their own login and group blogs can be private or public.

Each blog group has areas for ‘All About Us – with charts for eye and hair colour, Our Gallery, Our Documents, Our Links and Our Blog where the teacher associated with each group can create a blog to which each member of the group can contribute.

Images, documents and links to support the blog are easily added. The potential uses of the group blogs include such things as homework activities across all areas of the curriculum, gathering views on school issues, commenting on the latest School Football match or sharing advice and worries about transition.

Schools will be able to select a partner school to enable pupils to use blogs to share ideas, knowledge and views. Pupils develop critical thinking skills, appreciation of audience and  blogging skills in a safe and fun environment.

Further information about Schools-Online Personal Learning Edition can be obtained from

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  1. Ben Davies says:

    awesome day – best training ever!!!!
    Loved the ride!

  2. Emma Dumbrell says:

    Never before have I played a drum on my head! An inspirational day, can’t wait to get my twiglets ‘MYSTing!’

  3. Christina Skinner says:

    As a governor and also now working as a support teacher for children in care education service, I found this a useful and entertaining workshop. Personally it gave me some good ideas to work with children who have often disengaged from the education system. I am looking for ideas which will help me and ultimately them to become more interested in education. This appears to be a non threatening way and I look forward to trying it out. I am also looking forward to browsing your website.

  4. Jackie Goldsworthy says:

    Today was very good, I enjoyed it as it gave me another perspective on the game. I can’t wait to try the more sensory approach with some of the less able pupils so they can ‘feel’ the descriptions.

  5. Beccy Daber says:

    Thanks for a fab day. Loads of inspiring ideas that I am excited about using in the classroom. Have an explore of super duper music looper. Great fun to use and you can produce music in a huge range of styles.


  6. sam says:

    Was at Roskear today listening to your wisdom, loved it! thanks.

  7. Claire Trevena says:

    Thanks for a fab day, I now understand what my daughter (yr6 Roskear) has been babbling about for weeks. It has given me some ‘inspired’ ideas to try out in reception, for expanding their vocabulary on our next magic carpet ride. It has also given me some ideas of how to help my older child, Morwenna (yr7 Pool), who is struggling to get into reading and creative writing.

    Thanks again Claire Trevena Teaching Asst Roskear

  8. Sarah says:

    It’s even better second time around! Lots of great ideas to get us started. Thanks.

  9. Anna Todd says:

    Fantastic training day, thanks! We have been using Myst in Yr6 with some great results and huge enjoyment, now feeling re-energised to expand into more areas with this wonderful resource.

  10. Jodie Flynn says:

    This was the second chance I’ve had to have the privilege of your training and it was as inspirational as it was the first time (and just as much fun)! I’ve already begun to use Myst with my year 6’s and they adore it!! It has made such a difference to their creative writing! Today just gave me lots more ideas to use in the classroom. Thank you Tim 🙂

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