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A very enjoyable day at Haydock English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, in St Helens. This is another school rightfully proud of their displays, this time focussed on writing and showcasing writing of all kinds from every single child in the school.

The children in all three lessons surprised themselves (and their teachers) with some superb writing and discussion.

Thanks to Karen Prescott, her colleagues and the children of Haydock English Martyrs for a fun day full of challenge and excellent results.

The school is having some building work done at the moment. they could maybe have done with this handy ONLINE graphic modelling package. Start a new document and add in any of the many, grouped elements to build your own design for a city, a room or just a flow chart.

Here is a little bit of feedback written during the day:

The lesson truly motivated the whole class even the most reluctant writers. I was amazed by all the children’s work, particularly those with additional needs, their faces beamed as their work was shared and celebrated with the class. I feel both inspired and enthused to continue the ‘story’ with the children and take them through the ‘door’ and build upon this new and exciting literary experience.

The use of visual and auditory stimuli really fired their imagination but this was enhanced by Tim’s unique delivery and presentation. He was able to skillfully draw out and build upon the children’s ideas. He captured the children’s (and staff’s) imagination and gave them the confidence to go with their own ideas.

Read on for some quick examples of some of the Year 3 and 4 children’s story starters:

Standing here I can see bumpy rocks and the blue sky circling like a whirlpool. I see a hawk seeking it’s pray. I hear wind charms clattering together. I can smell the dusty trail that the mouse has left. Will I ever see daylight again?

Standing here white clouds are in the sky blocking out the sunlight, birds are whistling up in the sky. I smell fresh air, water must be nearby. I feel the spiky rocks under my feet. I’m getting a bit freaked out. I feel like I’m going to scream. The water is getting closer and closer like a dragon hunting its prey. I can smell it. But can I?

Standing here looking across the rocks I smell an orange spring. I can see a dinosaur searching for water. I see a bird flying round in circles, people sneak and hide from its claws. I see grey clouds and white clouds in the sky. Why are there no colours?

Standing here, a red dragon is what I seek, I here wind chimes, singing through the air, I smell salt water, the beach must be nearby. I feel a warm breeze, a bird glides in the sky searching above the rocks. I wonder what lies beyond the rocks, if some-one will save me. I see pictures in the clouds of my family all snug under the fire, but the wind blew it away, I keep thinking that the dragon will come to life, but will it?

Standing here looking on at the orange, crusty rocks I hear gentle wind charms. A bird gliding across the dark gloomy sky. I’m all alone. I smell strawberries and cream or is that my imagination. The crusty dry desert hasn’t seen rain for centuries. I look carefully and see red and orange rocks in the shape of a dinosaur. Is this the desert were flowers grow? Is this the desert were children play? No this is the desert of doom!

Standing here looking out over a rugged landscape. Above a vulture swoops and sways hunting for its next meal. Beside me are charms singing a soft song. I can smell the ancient desert, I can smell the hot chilli’s burning on the sand. I feel like I’m going to burst. I want to go back to my home. I miss my mum help! The rocks look like a dangerous curse upon a pyramid. I feel alone and I want to go back. The mummy has a curse what lies upon the grave. Will I ever get home?

Standing here, looking out at the open dry desert, a bright red dragon buries its head to camouflage itself as a rock. Up above a vulture circles us as the wind chimes sing their songs, nobody knows what lies ahead. It’s like a never ending desert of death, it was its own world of doom. Is there any way out?
Standing here looking at giant rooks leaping towards the grey, overcast sky, I can feel the cold wind blowing onto my face. A vulture is searching for food. When I move I feel the rocks crunching under my feet like cornflakes in my mouth. What will I see on the other side of the rocks?
Standing here looking out at a dinosaur rock that is soaking up the last bits of water, the last bush is begging for it to rain to feed its thirsty roots. I can here wind charms swaying in the breeze. I can see the clouds as fluffy as a soft kitten. An eagle is looking for his next prey. The hot air makes my skin go so dry it’s like sand. The sky is as blue as the sea. The sun is beaming down on my face. I really do not belong here. It looks like death is in this desert. The sky turns white, whiter than freshly washed towels just hung out to dry. I walked slowly to the bush and gave it some of my water to keep it going. I sniffed the air and it smelled like a summer breeze has just hit. Is this the desert of doom?

Standing here looking down there is a rock valley, where a hawk circles it’s pray as a red dragon is searching for some water. As the ancient mountains lock up a secret untold, I’m scared, I really want to go home but I’m isolated. I started to travel but I bounced back I was trapped forever. I smell danger all around me. Will I ever escape?

Standing here looking on the orange crusty ground I can feel a dry wind. The rock looks like a dragon and it is making me feel scared. A bird is soaring round in circles looking for its prey. I can hear the bird squawking and a high-pitched sound of chimes. It makes me wonder if anyone else is here, but I can’t see anyone. The crusty ground hasn’t seen rain for years but now the clouds seem to be gathering and look like they are holding rain. Will the dry earth ever feel rain again?

As I was stood there I saw a bird of prey searching for food. When I was sitting on a rock I saw a rock shaped like a dinosaur. I saw the clouds they looked like candy floss. I feel my foot shaking it feels like an earthquake, I don’t like it. It feels like the earth will explode at any minute. I feel the sun shining on my face like no other sun. It is different here. I am scared. How did I get to this scary place? What would you feel like if you were here?

Standing here looking across the desert a big bird is gliding in circles above me. A dragon hides under the rocks looking for water. I’m scared. I don’t belong here. The rocks are crumbly under my feet. The sky is white like the fluff on a sheep. I’m hot, my face is red. I can’t survive without water. The dragon begins to roar like a tiger in the grass. What is beyond the rocks?

Standing here I’m looking across dry, bumpy, rough hills which look like a scaly dragon snatching its prey. With a gentle breeze wrapping around my face like a spiders web. I can hear wind charms hidden like there singing a lullaby. I feel alone like I’ll never see my family again. A sweet smelling breeze caught my nose. My feet are uncomfortable with rocks covering sharp suffering brambles.

Standing here looking across the hills I can see a bird gliding in circles. I hear wind chimes like a rattle snake. I feel the wind blowing in my face. I like it here, I don’t want to leave, but I have to. What is that smell?

Standing here looking across the dry bumpy hills. The warm breeze coming towards me. Like a bird flying over my head. I can hear the sound of wind chimes hidden in a bush. I can smell the salt from the sea down below. I felt scared and excited both at the same time. Are these rocks the rocks of horror? Are these rocks the rocks of beauty and colour?

I’m standing on a warm rock looking at the view of the bird. As I kept walking I felt the breeze coming past my face. My mouth was as dry as burnt toast.

Standing here looking across the sharp rocks, dry as a bone, I feel hairy grass on the rocks. I hear wind chimes like metal banging together. I can smell the lavender spreading out from the rocks. I can see the bird gliding through the breeze. I wonder where are the charms are hanging?
Josh Standing here looking a cross. I see a T.Rex as hungry as a person in India. I feel the warm sand. I can see the clouds as white as a sheep.

As I stood there I felt a warm desert, the twinkling glittery bracelet. As I stood on a rock
I could see a rock shaped like a dragon. And I felt the strong wind floating past my hair. Beneath my feet I felt the rocks crackling. I felt scared I heard the dragons teeth snapping to eat me. The palm trees shine like a ring.

Standing hear I can see bumpy rocks and the blue sky. Whirling above me the clouds were as fluffy as fluff on a sheep’s back. I hear wings flapping up and down, a bird was going around in circles searching for the noise of wind charms jingling. I smelled marshmallows burning in the fire near the camp side. I feel like someone’s cuddling me with fluff on their coat. I wonder what was on the side of the rocks. Is it a beach? Or slimy snakes?

Standing here I can see dirty, rough rocks as dry as bones. I can feel a strong, cold wind wrapping around my face like a spiders web. I can hear wind charms hiding from my sight. A spicy smell catches my nose like my tea getting cooked at night.

As I am standing here I can see a dragon that was red like an apple. I can hear charms like ringing bells. The warm breezes past me by and floated throw my hair. As I turned around I saw a green secret garden with a small, glass door.

Standing here looking at orange rocks they felt crinkly and crusty. I hear wind charms blowing in the breeze. I can smell a Mexican restaurant. I feel lonely. I’m isolated in this dusty, roasting desert where it’s never rained here for days! No weeks! No months! No years! No centuries! I’m so thirsty and so hungry I feel like I’ve been dumped on the street for weeks there’s a bird looking for pray gliding over my head.

Standing here seeing bumpy, lumpy dry hills. Hearing birds singing softly as the breeze passes by. I was a little bit scared, but excited to see the other side of the hills. I was guessing all kinds of ideas of what could be on the other side. Was it a wild animal? Was it a beautiful sandy beach? I decided that it was probably just the same as this side, so I didn’t bother to go over there because this lovely, catchy, spicy smell had distracted me.

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