Nutgrove Methodist Primary School, St Helens

| March 6, 2008 | 8 Comments 

Well done to all those at Nutgrove Methodist Primary School, St Helens!

Another creative day! A big range of ages and activities. A lot of laughter and some genuine achievement.

Here is one of my favourite quotes, from Caleb P in Y6:
“Standing on a small, rotted platform, with a view of infinite blue that curls towards the horizon. A small bridge joins fate with adventure. A second platform lies ahead. Does further adventure cower behind this obstacle?”

Some of the ideas for homes, and who would live in them, were enchanting. I often mention the idea of looking at the first paragraphs of The Hobbit, looking at the evidence available and building up a profile of The Hobbit’s character, despite him not being in the text. I was reminded today of the glorious low impact wood house designed and built by the Saville family in Wales. Their site is well worth a look.

Thank you to Rachel Bottell, deputy at Nutgrove, for organising a great day, and to her colleagues and their pupils for some enjoyable wanderings through the world of words.

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  1. J Houghton says:

    I found the session very stimulating, and thought that Tim’s enthusiasm was contagious. I was almost tempted to pick up a pen and start writing along with the children.

  2. Andrina Boyle says:

    Tim worked with Y5/Y6 children. It was interesting how the session encouraged the children to explore a wider range of vocab and the pride they took in making their work more interesting. I loved one child’s description of thunder being like “rocks being crushed” and another description of an adventure which was cowering at the bottom of the path. Gave me some more adventurous ideas to try with the class.

  3. Ellen Riley says:

    Wow! Fabulous session with my year two children. Even the children reluctant to write wanted to ‘pick up their scribblers!’ and begin to write words appropriate to the ‘spiral’ moment you took them on. Love the posh voice! Will use that. The squeak from the top of the mountain had them all wondering what it was , what next…? The ideas of a mouse was predominant but when the bird came out they were thrilled! The nest made them twitter on about hatching and cracking out, fabulous language! I agree, talk is the essence. If we dont talk to children how can they hear a voice in their head to begin to write. Thank you Tim for a lovely session, it was a delight to meet you. Cant wait for the next time! Regards Ellen

  4. Rachel Bottell says:

    Our Year 5 and 6 children really responded well to the performance related activities on the rollercoaster. It was amazing to watch the childen’s confidence grow and in particular one child who is a very reluctant to speak, screaming on the coaster as …..’her heart lifted into her throat! ‘ Fabulous to watch the children’s faces as they heard their writing via the recording! A fabulous day, thank you!

  5. Jean Holden says:

    The Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed the event and were focused throughout. It was a pleasure to see their animated faces when imagining what was up the spiral or what was likely to happen. A special needs child who has great difficulty concentrating for any length of time was fully engaged for the whole session. He drew pictures and related his own story. Children who normally find it hard to use their imagination all made an attempt without any support. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. Thank you.

  6. Beverley Hill says:

    Tim came to visit our school today and what a fantastic experience it was for both the children and staff! He used the myst software to inspire the children to write, and write they did. In my class I have a couple of children who are reluctant writers, but not today, I can honestly say that all of my class were completely engaged and eager to put their ideas on paper. I am definitely going to use the software in my class with my children as I think Tim’s ideas are a great stimulus for getting children wanting to write.

  7. Olivia Hughes says:

    The children in Year 4 really enjoyed the session. They responded brilliantly to the Myst programme and generated quality ideas for describing narrative setting. They were very involved and used lots of varied descriptive phrases in their writing. I liked the image of apple crumble to explain metaphors and similies. They were very impressed with Mr Walker!

  8. Michelle Staton says:

    Thank you for an inspirational talk. I am yet another ‘Margaret’ and am definitely technoplegically challenged. I wish now I had attended either the afternoon or morning session as well. I am in the process of clearing info from my computer to enable me to download “exile” as my son informs me it will crash the computer if I don’t. I definitely reserve the right to name you in the divorce proceedings if I become hooked! (eye brows raised and falling in rapid movement)
    Thanks again for an inspirational and motivational afternoon

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